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New tooth whitening paste for dogs hits the market – Dentistry.co.uk

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Tooth whitening for pets will soon become a reality as Pawfect Smiles launches its range of tooth whitening paste for dogs.

K9 Whitening Paste promises to ‘whiten your pup’s smile’ reversing the signs of yellowing and stained teeth. It contains ‘gentle bleaching ingredients’ to slowly lighten the shade of enamel.

British dog owners are known for spoiling their pets, spending an average of £240 on their pooch every month. Pawfect Smiles hopes to tap into this market with its latest whitening paste.

‘We like to reverse the signs of ageing in humans using whitening paste,’ Jock Russell, Pawfect Smiles CEO, says. ‘And our pets deserve the same treatment.

‘We often find owners complaining about the yellowing of their dog’s teeth and also the smell of their breath. Now we can combat both of those problems in one go with K9 Whitening Paste. It also has the added benefit of making your pup look years younger!’

Orthodontic treatment

But Pawfect Smiles’ plans don’t stop there, with ideas extending to orthodontic treatment for dogs in the future.

Orthodontic treatment is currently available for pets with crowded teeth or linguoversion.

However, Pawfect Smiles hopes to make orthodontic treatment available to all dog owners with its range of clear aligners.

‘A quick scan of the dogs teeth is all you need and we can organise the rest,’ Mr Russell continues. ‘We send the aligners straight to your home address, saving you appointment times too.

‘Over six months a series of custom-made aligners will help straighten your dog’s teeth.

‘Aligners combined with tooth whitening will really give your dog the pawfect smile.’

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