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OraWellness Product Ingredient Purity Data

by adminjay

Here at OraWellness, we’re very particular about anything we put into or onto our bodies.

Why? Because we know that the bodily systems are all interconnected and affect each other. Anything we use in or on our bodies (especially in the mouth) can wind up having a ‘downstream’ impact on other areas of the body and even on our overall health.

So, we intentionally formulate our products without any of the questionable ingredients (fluoride, alcohol, parabens, etc.) that are commonly found in oral hygiene products.

You see, when we first founded OraWellness, we decided that one of our core principles would always be to do no harm.

Since we use a holistic paradigm to live our lives and because we know the mouth is the primary pathway that humans use to introduce new ‘stuff’ into our bodies, we realized that the products we create must take the whole body into consideration.

So, to do no harm, our products are formulated with ingredients that help support oral health without triggering any negative downstream whole-body impacts (no nasty chemicals or toxins here!). Here are links where you can learn more about our HealThy Mouth Blend ingredients and our Shine ingredients.

And when it comes to manufacturing our product solutions, our production team’s GMP certified lab tests each and every batch of our products for purity and contaminants. We want to make sure that the ingredients we’re putting into our products are authentic and free of any microbial life, impurities, or other foreign matter. After all, our customers, our team, and our loved ones all use our products daily.

So basically, we test to ensure that every production run of our products contains the high quality ingredients that they’re supposed to and nothing else.

If you’re like us and you enjoy geeking out on these kinds of things, we invite you to check out the Certificates of Analysis (CoA) below for our HealThy Mouth Blend, Shine Remineralizing Tooth Whitening Powder, and MCHA.



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