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Orthodontic News – Gaidge Announces its Latest Product: The New Patient Tracker

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GAINESVILLE, Ga. September 26, 2022 Gaidge, the leader in practice analytics and business intelligence solutions, announced it will be launching its latest development, the New Patient Tracker in October 2022. The new module will provide comprehensive task management and tracking throughout the new patient journey, including a payment presentation tool and the ability for prospective patients to accept treatment remotely.

The New Patient Tracker provides Treatment Coordinators, Observation Coordinators and New Patient Coordinators everything they need to manage the prospective patient workflow in one place. With a patient management dashboard designed by TC’s for TC’s, (and all roles involved in new patient conversion), users are able to see each task along with completion status for every patient in your pipeline.

“The New Patient Tracker not only elevates the workflow efficiency inside the practice across multiple roles, but it also helps manage all prospects in the funnel, from call to close, without having to navigate around to multiple programs or screens. It’s a time saver and organizational tool designed to help Treatment Coordinators and Observation Coordinators maximize the conversion rate and get more starts.” said Suzanne Wilson, COO of Gaidge.

In the initial release practices will benefit from automated patient information being populated through integrations with some of the leading practice management systems. No double entry will be required, though a manual entry option is available. From there, electronic intake forms, insurance verification and treatment information can be monitored and updated as each step is completed. Closing the exam, TC’s are able to present financials in an interactive payment presentation slider that allows for custom flexibility and payment plans, unique to each practices’ treatment types and policies. Helping patients make the optimal financial decision about their treatment in office or remotely from home can improve case acceptance and provides a caring, quality experience.

Created and customized for orthodontists, Gaidge brings clarity and focus to help orthodontists identify opportunities to better manage and grow their businesses. Thanks to the power of software automation and easy-to-use digital tools, doctors can see how their practice is performing and better manage systems from the new patient call to debond.

About Gaidge

Since 2010, Gaidge has been a pioneer in helping orthodontists leverage technology to run their businesses better. From analyzing practice performance using data science to creating actionable, business insights for orthodontists and offering systems that streamline and create efficiencies, we are uniquely positioned to make data and technology easy to leverage so that our clients can transform their practices into smarter, happier and more profitable businesses. 50+ years of orthodontic expertise, combined with our love for the people in this industry, has driven us to answer the need for performance analysis, business systems, educate clients on their opportunities, and advance us towards a more data-driven, efficiency-oriented future.

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