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Orthodontic News – Ortho2 Announces inVisit

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(Ames, IA) September 15, 2020—Ortho2, LLC announces inVisit, a branded app for orthodontists to conduct virtual appointments with current and prospective patients. inVisit is available for anyone, regardless of practice management software.

inVisit allows orthodontists to add a link to their website so patients can begin their treatment journey from the comfort of their own home. The intuitive process guides existing and prospective patients through taking a series of photos and filling out a questionnaire customized by the practice.

Orthodontists can then review submitted cases to determine the next course of treatment or contact a prospective patient to decide if treatment is necessary. The personalized management dashboard gives orthodontists complete, secured access to cases. Stay connected with patients through email or text in the communication center.

Amy Schmidt, Ortho2’s President says, “We are pleased to add another innovative product to the Ortho2 lineup. inVisit is the solution needed to reduce the number of patients orthodontists need to see in their office. It also provides patients with a secure way of submitting information.”

Register and begin using inVisit today by going to www.getinvisit.com.

See your patients without seeing your patients. inVisit powered by Ortho2.

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