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PatientCaptureNow Makes Life Easier for Everyone

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We sat down with one of our long-time clients, Dr. Lee Brown of Brown & Gettings, DDS in Cincinnati, OH, who has been using PCN to manage new patient leads more effectively and efficiently at his practice. His success in using the system is no surprise to us, because we know how well it works when a practice understands how to leverage it as a tool to increase contacts with potential patients. Watch Dr. Brown talk to Jackie and Shawn about how well PCN works for his practice here.

PatientCaptureNow is a one of a kind proprietary software system that helps dental practices manage new patient online appointment requests. It works because it automates (personalized messages) a large part of the process, contacting the potential patients within minutes of them submitting an online form and only getting office staff involved when there is a response. PCN makes it easier to follow up and track new patient appointment requests coming from online sources.

Dr. Brown knows that having PatientCaptureNow is an asset to his practice and directly contributes to his bottom line because it ensures that people who are interested in becoming patients at his practice don’t fall through the cracks.

What does PatientCaptureNow Do?

  1. PCN engages potential patients immediately – When a potential patient submits an online request form, the practice is going to get the information no matter if they have PCN or not. The difference that PCN makes is in how quickly that person gets a response from the practice. What we see all too often is that the front desk staff is busy with many other activities and may not be able to respond to online inquiries right away. After all, they’re taking care of the patients who are in the office and the ones who are calling on the phone, plus they have other responsibilities to keep the office running smoothly. In our experience, online appointment requests don’t get attention for hours and sometimes days, and unfortunately, some online inquiries never get a response. With PatientCaptureNow, the system automatically responds to an online appointment request, which makes the potential patient feel like they are important and drastically increases the likelihood that they will answer back.
  2. PCN gives your practice the chance to schedule more appointments – The patients who are contacting your practice online are already interested in what you have to offer. They are ready to schedule an appointment. Because they have already taken the time to find you and inquire online, they are likely to have looked at your website and possibly even other online content. To let these potential patients go to the practice down the street would be a shame. Because PCN responds to patient inquiries immediately and continues to follow up systematically, there is a much higher likelihood that an online inquiry will turn into an appointment. WIthout PCN, the practice may actually get in touch with 20% of all patients who request appointments online. With PCN, that number rises dramatically to 70% or more. In other words, for every 10 online form submissions, without PCN, the practice might be lucky to have 2 people respond. With PCN, the practice would get at least 7.
  3. PCN makes your team’s life easier! – If your practice automates new patient contact, your team is spending less time frustrated playing phone tag and more time being happy and productive. Without PCN, if a potential patient submits an online form, someone on your team should be ready to receive that information at any time of the day and follow up as soon as possible. They may call or email, or both. If they are very attentive, they will continue to call and email until they get a response. The reality is, that is not happening in most practices because it eats up a lot of time, and your team has other responsibilities too. PCN takes the new patient appointment request and runs with it, and your team does not have to do a thing until the patient responds to one of the contact attempts. Fewer steps for your team and a higher chance of success. Everyone wins.

PatientCaptureNow is not a panacea. It does not reach out to grab new patients out of the blue. What it does do is give your practice a much higher chance of “capturing” the patients who are already looking for you AND contacting you to schedule an appointment. It helps your team work more effectively and efficiently, and it increases the number of new patient inquiries that turn into actual patients.

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