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Peebles Prosthetics Goes Above and Beyond to Pay It Forward

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Peebles Prosthetics, Inc. has been providing quality materials and customer service to dentists since 1984. Once a removables lab, Peebles has since evolved into a full-service dental lab, and they have continued to expand their goals and involvement in their community over the years. One of the pillars of Peebles’ mission is to participate in programs throughout the community that improve quality of life. Most recently, they opened their Peebles Center for Higher Education, where they conduct continuing education and lab courses for dental professionals. Another way Peebles serves their community is through their involvement with DLN.

“Volunteering has always been highly encouraged by our owner,” Teresa Abbott, Business Operations Manager for Peebles, said. “It is part of Peebles’ Core Values and we make our staff aware of the need to give back inside our community first.”

Since getting involved with DLN in 1989, Peebles has contributed almost $140,000 in donated lab fabrications. Additionally, Teresa serves on our DLN • Colorado Board of Directors. The staff at Peebles believe that the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program serves a significant purpose in the dental community, and they work with DLN to make that purpose possible.

“DDS is important to Peebles!  We like to stay involved and committed to changing our community by paying it forward,” Teresa said. “Working alongside others that have the same passion only amplifies our results to improve the health of those in need.”

Volunteer dental labs are essential to the success of the DDS program. The generosity of volunteers like Peebles allows DLN to change and save the lives of more people each year. Volunteering through DDS is a positive experience for the staff at Peebles as well because it reminds them that they are making a difference in the lives of people in need.

“The need is high in our community and we choose to help in any way possible,” Teresa said. “Bringing a smile to someone that may be apprehensive of their appearance or has gone through hardship, brings pleasure to what we do every day at the lab.”


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