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Qualities You Should Look For in a Marketing Agency.

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Advice from Dr. David Pearce

MDA cares about helping dental practices grow and thrive. That’s why we established the Clinical Advisory Board, made up of some of the most experienced dentists from all over the country. The purpose of the CAB is to share knowledge with dental practices that are seeking marketing advice. Not only does the CAB allow us to connect on a more personal level with dentists and dental professionals, but it also gives MDA insight into the real concerns and challenges dental practices face on a daily basis.

One of our longtime clients and a trusted CAB member, Dr. David Pearce, recently shared with us his experience with digital marketing as a dental professional. We asked him what qualities are important in a marketing agency, and this is what he had to say:

“Dentists do not receive any business training in dental school, and most medical professionals think more about helping people, not running a business. At first, our dental businesses grow on their own, but at some point, we realize that, in order to get to the next level, we need marketing help. For me, when it came to digital marketing, it seemed like all I needed was to have a basic website and then pay a company to maximize our SEO. Also, SEO seemed to be the bragging point for most marketing companies, since I frequently heard, “We are the best at SEO”. Today, I know there’s much more than just focusing on SEO in order to get the most from a marketing campaign.

As I kept looking for a much better marketing company, my business was beginning to demand higher quality patients as well as patients who were looking for a particular type of dentistry. A friend recommended MDA to me, so I gave them a call. They told me they would create a marketing face for my business that reflected me. The website and all their activities would be customized to my needs, and they would make marketing changes for me and my business as my business grew and changed. All this at no additional cost!

What they didn’t tell me was all the other amazing additives that I would receive by working with them. Shawn and Jackie are constantly honing their business by developing new concepts and products that helped me and all their client’s businesses. An example is their PatientCaptureNow software, a proprietary lead management solution that revolutionized our ability to manage the steady flow of new leads. Additionally, they have always been able and willing to creatively respond to my numerous requests of what more they could do for my business.

Another thing they didn’t tell me when we first spoke is that they actually do what they say they will do. Imagine that! They will do what they say they will do, and they will do it when they say it’ll be done. Many times, I have asked Shawn and Jackie something like, “Can MDA do something to give me a better result with ______?” After a few questions to pick my brain, they would say, “Give us four days and we’ll get back to you”. Have you ever heard that before and often the company that says this never calls you back? Not MDA! Three or four days later, I always receive a thoughtful email with ideas and a plan for me to consider. What amazing service! If you’re looking for a marketing company that will help you propel your business right now as well as foresee what you will want in the future, call MDA today.”

Well said, Dr. Pearce, and thank you for the glowing recommendation. It’s true that marketing is so much more than SEO. We also agree that a marketing agency should be responsive to its clients’ needs and ALWAYS follow through on commitments. We pride ourselves on our creativity and being able to tailor our approach to suit each one of our clients. These qualities help distinguish our agency and enable us to be there for our clients in ways other agencies can’t. Quality dental practices need quality marketing services, and that’s what we provide.

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