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Say Hi to Emily, Our Featured MDA Team Member

by adminjay

Emily Stanley joined My Dental Agency in 2022 as a video designer and has since taken on the role of project manager as well. In her time with us, she’s hit the ground running, learning new skills and taking on challenges that test her innate creativity and problem-solving skills. While Emily is no stranger to digital marketing, most of her career and training have been in an entirely different area.

Before MDA, Emily spent 13 years coaching softball, which makes sense given that she has a Master of Science in Sports Psychology from Ithaca College in New York. Moving away from sports to digital marketing may not be such a drastic change when you consider the competitive and strategic nature of both fields. Emily is always excited to learn new skills. She says, “I love soaking in new ideas and concepts and learning as much as possible.” Being still green in the marketing industry, she sometimes leans on her more seasoned co-workers, but that is never a problem. “My coworkers are the best,” as she puts it. “I know I can always count on them for anything.”

Emily finds her position challenging and fun at the same time, especially when she gets to interact with clients and work on projects from start to finish. She enjoys getting to know each of the clients and coming up with creative solutions to help them meet their goals. Emily also thoroughly enjoys being part of the MDA team. In her opinion, the company culture is positive and supportive, and she has never felt so valued and confident at work. At MDA, she knows everyone on the team genuinely cares about her and wants her to succeed. It motivates her to work hard and keep learning everything she can to grow within the company.

But Emily isn’t all work. She is a family person. She has an amazing wife and daughter and enjoys spending time with them. It helps having a job that allows her to have a great balance. Besides family time, Emily loves to run. She’s even training for a half marathon, and we’re all rooting for her! She also loves audiobooks, though she hasn’t said which genre is her favorite. One of her lesser-known talents is ASL. She is very passionate about learning to sign and Deaf culture in general and has volunteered at the GA School for the Deaf.

In her personal life and at work, Emily is pretty competitive. She says that she can turn any activity into a competition, but it’s all in fun. She likes to keep things lighthearted. We love her positive attitude and don’t mind her competitive spirit either. It is undoubtedly an excellent quality to have in this field. Emily has been a fantastic addition to the MDA team, and we look forward to many more years of working with her.

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