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Shake Up Your Idea of Clean: SmartLite Pro EndoActivator ™ Endodontic Activation System

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Dentsply Sirona introduces the SmartLite Pro EndoActivator, an equipment solution designed for intracanal activation of irrigating fluids used for cleaning and disinfecting root canals. Designed for multi-directional movement, the SmartLite Pro EndoActivator uses elliptical motion and increased energy for effective irrigant activation.

Disinfection protocols vary greatly but are critical to treatment outcomes. With SmartLite Pro EndoActivator, Dentsply Sirona is introducing an endodontic equipment solution that is easy to use and incorporate into your current root canal procedure workflow. Activating irrigants can help produce a surface with more opened dentinal tubules, allowing for better obturation of lateral and accessory canals.

SmartLite Pro EndoActivator Tips are available in 3 sizes, including a new Medium Long tip to better support longer file lengths. SmartLite Pro EndoActivator Tips are flexible, non-cutting medical grade plastic tips which provide no ledging, transportation, enlargement or shaping of the canal.

Dentsply Sirona endodontic treatment solutions are tailored to your needs and offer advanced, comprehensive endodontic care for your patients. SmartLite Pro EndoActivator is capable of effectively activating irrigants in ProTaper Ultimate™, WaveOne® Gold and TruNatomy™ shaped canals.

SmartLite Pro EndoActivator will be available in Canada starting September 19, 2022 and will be featured at the upcoming CAE in Calgary (September 21-24) as well as CARDP (Halifax), SOHC (Regina), EDDS (Edmonton), TODS (Thompson) and Spectrum Day (Toronto).

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About Dentsply Sirona:

Dentsply Sirona is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, with over a century of innovation and service to the dental industry and patients worldwide. Dentsply Sirona develops, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive solutions offering including dental and oral health products as well as other consumable medical devices under a strong portfolio of world class brands.

Dentsply Sirona’s products provide innovative, high-quality and effective solutions to advance patient care and deliver better and safer dental care.

Dentsply Sirona’s headquarter is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company’s shares are listed in the United States on NASDAQ under the symbol XRAY.

Visit www.dentsplysirona.ca for more information about Dentsply Sirona and its products.

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