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Shawn Berg – Giving Back to the Community

by adminjay

I am proud to have an amazing business partner like Shawn Berg. Not only was he part of the hard work and dedication to establishing My Dental Agency and getting it off the ground, he is integral to its continued success. MDA would not be the company it is without him. His keen knowledge of all things digital marketing has not only helped make MDA a premier dental marketing agency, it is also highly appreciated at the University of South Florida, where he participates in an advisory panel for the Muma College of Business.

Shawn’s career in digital marketing started more than 25 years ago, so he has witnessed first hand how the field has grown and evolved. He has a deep understanding of the intricacies and technical aspects of digital marketing and marketing automation, making him uniquely qualified to advise on the curriculum for USF’s Digital Marketing Certificate. As part of the advisory panel, he is one of several experts who provides technical guidance to ensure that the program is teaching students relevant and practical information they can use in real-world contexts.

As a business partner, Shawn really is ideal. He is sharp, focused, and we have a great working relationship. His skills and knowledge complement mine perfectly. We make a great team. I am fortunate to have found a partner with his expertise and work ethic. I know I can count on him and that he is always prepared to give 100%.

Shawn’s participation in the advisory panel for USF is also a testament to how passionate he is about the work he does. In fact USF is not even his alma mater, and yet he is still willing to give his time and share his knowledge so that the college’s digital marketing certificate program will provide students with useful knowledge that will hopefully lead them into successful careers. He is a perfect addition to the panel.

I believe that Shawn’s contribution to the USF advisory panel reflects well on him as a person and on MDA as a company. It is important for local businesses to stay rooted in the communities they serve and support new talent. The next generation of digital marketers can certainly benefit from Shawn’s experience throughout his career and from MDA’s experience as a small business in the area.

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