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Smart solutions from GC for all your luting challenges

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With more than 95 years of experience and one of the most comprehensive product portfolios, we at GC believe we are the ideal partner to guide you towards the most appropriate luting solution.

How to choose the optimal luting cement?

Today more than ever you are spoilt for choice when planning  and delivering indirect restoration. From the moment your patient comes in, you have much to consider before deciding on the treatment plan.

As a dentist you know that no two patients are alike and it is therefore important to follow a holistic approach in treatment planning considering the choice of indirect restoration and type of preparation which is best suited to the patient’s clinical situation

G-Cem One

The One… that simplifies! G-Cem One is a truly universal, non-technique sensitive cement with high bond strength and excellent self-curing ability. It simplifies all your cementation procedures and gives you more predictable results and peace of mind. G-Cem One is applicable to a wide range of indications. This includes challenging clinical situations, thanks to the GC Touch Cure.

One GC Touch Cure – the chemical initiator in G-Cem One Adhesive Enhancing Primer will accelerate  the chemical cure of the cement from the tooth surface to ensure stable bonding

Reliable – optimal bond strength for retentive and non-retentive preparations thanks to the unique GC Touch Cure ability of the optional G-Cem One Adhesive Enhancing Primer.

Technique insensitive – exceptional self-curing for your peace of mind, tack cure feature for easy excess removal and clean up, moisture and saliva tolerance, optimised flow of the paste and virtually no post-operative sensitivity.

Universal – excellent bond strength to tooth and to all substrates: enamel, dentin, zirconia, metal, glass ceramics, Hybrid ceramics.

Aesthetic – invisible, wear resistant margin for aesthetic outcomes.

Simple – reduced inventory for reproducibility and optimised workflow.

For more information visit www.europe.gc.dental/en-GB/products/gcemone

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