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Speed Up Your CAD/CAM Practice: Ivoclar Vivadent Presents New Open Combination Furnace for Quick Crystallizing, Sintering, and Characterizing

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The new Programat CS6 is an open combination furnace to crystallize, sinter and characterize restorations quickly and with unsurpassed esthetic results.

For more than 40 years, Ivoclar Vivadent has been presenting continuous innovations in the field of dental furnaces with its Programat® series. Now, the success story continues with the introduction of the all new Programat CS6. The new open combination furnace can crystallize, sinter, characterize and glaze all-ceramic restorations faster than ever before with unsurpassed esthetic results.

Vacuum assisted sintering for increased translucency
The all new Programat CS6 combination furnace is the first sintering furnace featuring vacuum assist which increases translucency of zirconia restorations[2]. The vacuum also enables all the benefits found in the Programat CS2 furnace including add-on programs for fine-tuning margins, characterizing and beautiful and predictable glaze outcomes.

Open System
The open system allows the independence to run the program of your choosing when you need it. Ivoclar Vivadent materials have pre-set programs easily clicked on the large touchscreen, or other manufacturers’ programs can be added easily and under a minute on the convenient large touchscreen.

Drop-down design for super speed
The exciting new technology behind the Programat CS6 furnace enhances both speed and esthetics. The new opening process lowers restorations down into the firing chamber and accelerates the pre-drying process by strategically controlling the hot air rising from the firing chamber to dry restorations from underneath. Furthermore, the opening lift technology helps to cool restorations faster by removing the restoration from the hot firing chamber. With the new Programat CS6, IPS e.max® CAD lithium disilicate restorations can now be crystallized in just over eleven minutes[1], while still delivering an average fracture toughness of 2.5 and flexural strength of 500 MPa [2]. IPS e.max ZirCAD LT translucency parameter is increased 26%, bringing the high
strength 1200 MPa of this 3Y zirconia to the esthetic level of other 4Y zirconias and enabling minimum thickness of .6mm.

Programat® and IPS e.max® are registered trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent.

» For further information please visit: www.ivoclarvivadent.com

[1] Arnold L, IPS e.max CAD crystallization program durations of Programat CS2, CS3 and CS6, Test Report, Ivoclar Vivadent, 2021.
[2] Hill, T. IPS e.max CAD strength in Progamat CS6 speed crystallization program, Ivoclar Vivadent, 2021

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