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Spice Up Your Marketing – My Dental Agency

by adminjay

Not many people think of going to the dentist as fun. As with most health practitioners, the dentist is usually thought of as a serious and professional place. Marketing your dental practice, however, can attract more people with the use of some light hearted humor. There are many, shall we say not so fun brands, that spice up their marketing to stand out and get noticed. Geico Insurance, for example, took a dull subject and created amusing advertisements that are well recognized across multiple media channels. Not all practices may be feel up to this type of marketing but if you like to think of yourself as fun, laid back and you are willing to stand out then a campaign that grabs attention may be for you.

We recently ran a campaign for a practice promoting their dental crown services with the theme, “Hiding Your Smile”. The idea was to offer an incentive to complete crown treatment if they booked their treatment within a certain timeframe. It was designed to get the attention of patients who were considering having a crown procedure, not just by offering an incentive but using eye-catching graphics and copy.

Instead of the usual stock photography of people with beautiful smiles, we created images that showed people actually hiding their smiles with funny items like a big mustache and colorful lollipop. Not something you would typically see from a dentist. We used these graphics across multiple marketing channels; four rotating Facebook posts, an email to patients, a post on Google My Business, and on a landing page and blog on the website. Wherever patients looked online, the campaign was there.

Afraid of looking silly? You can still maintain professionalism while being irreverent with your marketing every once in a while – it can help you get noticed and refresh your brand at the same time.

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