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Spreading the Magic of a Smile

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‘Tis the season to be jolly! And in a world full of jolly people comes lots of smiles, right? If not, it should! Smiling has multiple benefits besides showing off your #GroveDental pearly whites! It’ll put you and others around you in a better mood, too. Whether you’re a ‘Smiler’ or prefer to contain your happiness, both natural or fake smiles have proven positive results!

Why You Should Be A Happy Elf:

1. Each time you smile you throw a little feel-good party in your brain’, so do what makes you happy this holiday season – no matter who’s watching- maybe someone will join you!

2. Smiling in public will make the others around you feel good, too! Smiling truly is contagious. Do it everywhere you go!
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3. It can reduce blood pressure and boost your immune system. This, on the other hand, may not…
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4. Smiling can make you appear thinner and prettier.
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5. When you’re sad, SMILE! It’ll boost your mood.
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6. Smiling works 26 muscles – treat it like a workout!
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Some Elves Just Don’t Like to Smile

If you’re a ‘Smiler’ you may not be able to understand why there can be so many ‘Grinchs’ this time of year. Some people may be self-conscious of their smile for many reasons such as a traumatic event in the past, they may be embarrassed by the look of their teeth, or they may be missing teeth due to unpreventable circumstances. At Grove Dental, we want to see everyone smiling. If we can help, we will! From the shape, alignment, color, and health, we will work with you and make you feel comfortable with your smile once again. We’ve done it before 🙂

In the meantime, everyone deserves a smile this Christmas. If your smile doesn’t make them smile, do something that’ll brighten their day.
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The Magic of A Smile

There’s truly a hint of magic behind smiling and sharing a smile with someone else. It’s the universal sign of happiness. Santa may have known this before us all. You’ll never see him frown!
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