October 17, 2019

Take a Deep Breath, Relax, and…Smile! Ways to Reduce Dental Anxiety

Are you or a family member apprehensive about your next dental visit?
Well, we have some good news and some better news.
Good news first: you’re not alone. More than 10% of Americans have either delayed or canceled an upcoming appointment due to dental anxiety. In other words, they would rather deal with negative health consequences and potential dental issues than simply visiting their dentist.
Here’s the better news: there ways to lessen or even eliminate dental anxiety. Medication is only one option. Sometimes, the best “medicine” is taking control of your environment and communicating openly with your dentist.
Thanks to our patient-friendly approach and experienced staff, Dr. Dental helps patients everywhere overcome their anxiety to get the oral health care services they need. Sometimes, anxiety needs a little extra attention.

Say So Long to Phobia: Tips to Reduce Dental Anxiety
Like most problems, overcoming dental anxiety starts with a sensible, practical plan. Try these dental anxiety tips, and you’ll be surprised at how your fears will lessen – or even disappear!
• Talk to your dentist. Tell your dentist what makes you uncomfortable. From dental anxiety medication to music to non-invasive approaches, there are plenty of things your dentist can do to reduce your dental anxiety. Ask questions. Engage with your dentist. Keep those lines of communication open. Just like with other fears, dental anxiety thrives with ignorance and misunderstanding.
• Silence (or music) is golden. From earplugs to your favorite music, not hearing those dental tools whirling and whizzing away is a great way to block out the fear associated with dental chair phobia.
• Create comfortable surroundings. Many of our patients request the chair tilted a certain way for extra support, or other comforting props. It’s hard to block out dental anxiety when you’re already uncomfortable.
• Try visualization techniques. Think positive, and good things will result. It’s an old adage, but it’s been around forever for a reason…it works. Get in the right frame of mind before your upcoming appointment. Stay focused on all the good things that will result from your dental visit – cleaner and whiter teeth, better overall health, and much more.

Visit Dr. Dental – We’ll Help You Overcome Dental Anxiety
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