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Take the time to invest in your dental showroom

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Sylvia Njoki explains why a showroom is one of the best examples of marketing.

No matter what stage of life, we all make many investment decisions during our lives. 

A prime example of life investments is university degrees. We spend several thousands of pounds, time, and sleepless nights in the campus library with the goal of achieving a degree to help boost our employability prospects.

Another great example is going to the gym regularly to maintain your fitness. 

Investments are important, but the return on those investments is paramount.

One fundamental rule of marketing is that companies must invest in order to get a return on those investments. 

Businesses budget thousands of pounds to invest in their marketing activities. These include paid advertising, pay-per-click promotions, and regular giveaways. This is to ensure that the right message reaches the right audience and results in high conversion rates.

More importantly, making investments in marketing activity means doing so with the intention of making your customer’s purchasing journey as comfortable as possible. This will ensure that they walk away with the right product.

Showrooms are one of the best examples of marketing that helps guide customers through their journey. 

They are designed to help you explore your options with the product range and make a purchase. However their function isn’t limited to just this.

Showrooms encourage the visitor to be curious

In many showrooms, companies use samples of their products for display. This encourages people to not only see the products but also experience them. 

Showrooms allow you to talk to knowledgeable company representatives who can answer all your questions – from the complicated ones, all the way through to the ones you feel a little silly asking. 

The internet is a perfectly adequate place to get the information you’re looking for. However, there are only so many review sections and Youtube demonstrations one can watch without getting the strong urge to want to experience something in person.

With showrooms, you can better communicate your equipment requirements and be guided through the quality standards of product ranges and after-service care.

You get the opportunity to learn about the process of product development – from ideation through to end-user utilisation. 

Better yet, you will be able to gain insight into the various special features that appeal to the specific way they work. This helps make their purchase decision much easier.

Showrooms help you find what’s right for you

The showroom experience helps encourage a personalised experience. 

For example, show houses allow you to imagine yourself living there and question what adjustments your home (and investment) will require to fit you. 

The same can be said of visitors of a dental equipment showroom.

During an appointment at a dental equipment showroom, you’re better able to communicate these requirements to a dedicated territory manager. 

These will likely vary from dentist to dentist like dexterity, for example, or whether they experience any back tension from working or are just looking to upgrade equipment. 

When you visit one of the A-dec showrooms, our territory managers will make recommendations based on your needs. This includes the needs of your customers as well. 

Visit the newly refurbished Nuneaton showroom!

At A-dec, we feel strongly about the value of having a showroom to display our range of premium dental chairs and equipment. This includes the A-dec 500 LED light, with the on/off sensor switch. 

That’s why we’ve made a big investment into one of our showrooms. It makes it an ideal place to shop for new dental equipment.

The Nuneaton showroom has been transformed into a place where you can come down and guided through our extensive product range. You will even be welcomed with a coffee (or fizzy glass of prosecco!).

It has large upholstery samples that you can overlay on the chairs and mood boards. Therefore, you can envision the right look and feel of your practice whether you’re a paediatric dentist looking for bright oranges or a cosmetic dentist in the market for a luxurious aesthetic.

Our friendly territory managers will listen carefully to your needs and direct you towards equipment tailored towards meeting them like the A-dec 500 dental chair.

The precision hydraulic motion allows quiet, gentle stops and starts during patient positioning. This is the ideal choice for dentists with more nervous patients. 

Make the right purchase choice

We understand that most dentists will make a dental chair purchase only two or three times during their career. Therefore, there are qualities that you may prioritise when the time comes for you to do this. 

A-dec believes that there are four main things to consider when choosing a chair: performance and efficiency, durability and reliability, reputation and service, and cost of ownership. 

When it comes to A-dec, you won’t have to compromise on any of these qualities.

Our three showrooms are located in Warrington, Bracknell, and Nuneaton. Therefore, you can book an appointment at the showroom that is most convenient for you.

Our territory managers will help you make the right purchase choice.

Book an appointment with A-dec and let us help you make the best investment for your practice. 

For more information on A-dec’s updated showrooms, visit unitedkingdom.a-dec.com/showrooms.

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