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Teaching and utilization of silver diamine fluoride and Hall-style crowns in US pediatric dentistry residency programs

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Nonsurgical caries management, particularly silver diamine fluoride (SDF) and Hall-style crowns, present alternative options for populations that have barriers to traditional treatment. The authors aimed to assess changes in the teaching and utilization of these modalities in pediatric dental residency programs.


The authors e-mailed a 29-question electronic survey regarding the utilization and teaching of nonsurgical caries management agents to US pediatric dentistry residency program directors. Data were compared with results from a similar survey conducted in 2015 to analyze trends, report protocols, barriers for utilization, and possible reasons for changes.


Respondents from 82 programs completed the surveys (89% response rate). Although only 26% of respondents reported using SDF in 2015, 100% reported its utilization in 2020 (P < .001). The Hall-style crown technique is taught didactically in 90% of programs, and 69.5% of respondents use it at least sporadically in their clinics. Long wait times for the operating room (4 weeks-14 months) and sedation (1 week-12 months) motivate increased utilization of SDF, interim therapeutic restorations, and Hall-style crowns. Guidelines supporting off-label utilization of SDF have also resulted in its increased utilization.


US pediatric residency programs have universally adopted SDF for caries arrest in the primary dentition, and this trend seems to extend to other nonsurgical caries management agents. These changes are likely driven by diverse barriers to delivery of traditional restorative care.

Practical Implications

The rapid increases in teaching and utilization of minimal intervention techniques provide clinicians with more options for caries management in patients with barriers to traditional treatment.

Key Words

Abbreviation Key:

APF (Acidulated phosphate fluoride), CHX (Chlorhexidine), F (Fluoride), FV (Fluoride varnish), ITR (Interim therapeutic restoration), NR (Not reported), OR (Operating room), SDF (Silver diamine fluoride), SSC (Stainless steel crown)

Untreated caries in children is one of the most common health problems that are preventable with timely intervention and preventive methods.


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