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The Activated Carbon Whitening Toothpaste — Oral Science

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You have probably heard from your patients or colleagues about a new trend; whitening toothpastes made of charcoal (or carbon). 

You have probably also heard positive and negative comments on them.

In today’s world, with all the social media noise, it can be hard to separate facts from fiction and hearsays.

This blog post will try to clarify the actual situation regarding charcoal toothpastes and present to dental professionals an effective and safe choice. 

Regular Charcoal Powder Toothpastes

A regular charcoal whitening toothpaste is indeed quite abrasive since it comes in a powder form. Charcoal particles are then scrubbing the teeth to whiten it, attacking enamel at the same time. Another consequence could also be the presence of loose charcoal particles in the mouth.

When you hear a negative comment about a charcoal toothpaste, it is possibly regarding a charcoal powder toothpaste, and not an activated carbon toothpaste.

Let’s now define why an activated carbon toothpaste is different, effective and safe for your patients.

Curaprox Black is White: A Non-Abrasive Whitening Toothpaste with Activated Carbon 

The Black is White toothpaste uses Swiss premium-grade activated carbon, and not an abrasive charcoal powder. It naturally and safely adsorbs stains and toxins to offer a healthy bright smile!

It is made of activated carbon, meaning that the carbon used is completely integrated in the toothpaste itself during the manufacturing process so that no loose particles of carbon can be found. By doing so, the carbon is able to whiten the teeth by adsorbing stains instead of scrubbing them.

It also has a RDA of 76 and comes in nano-size particles, meaning that it is non-abrasive for tooth enamel.

Health Canada License: Anticaries Indication + No Warnings Regarding Staining (NPN 80085474)

Because of the sodium monofluorophosphate it contains, the Curaprox Black is White is indicated by Health Canada as an anticaries product.

It also contains hydroxyapatite, an agent recognized to remineralize and protect against tooth sensitivity.

Health Canada does not also mention any warning regarding staining.


More than One Million Tubes Sold in the World: No Case of Staining

As of today, more than one million Curaprox Black is White tubes have been sold in the world. Not one case of staining was ever confirmed. 


Answering the Need for an Activated Carbon Whitening Toothpaste

The trend is clear. Some patients want such a toothpaste. This is why Oral Science was pleased to offer the premium, reputable and safe Curaprox alternative to abrasive charcoal powder toothpastes found online or in other retail locations.


Includes Also the Curaprox Ultra-Soft Toothbrush

The «Black is White» toothbrushes is, thanks to its Curen® filaments and the reinforced white middle lane, effective against biofilm and still gentle to the gums.


An Article or Carbon & Charcoal Toothpastes

If you wish to learn more from an independent party, we invite you to read this article. 

Availability for your Patients

You can either purchase it here for your patients, or recommend them to purchase it online at www.blackiswhite.ca.

In summary, the Curaprox Black is White offers unique benefits for your patients;

• Activated carbon: adsorption of discoloration particles
• Hydroxyapatite (nano): caries prevention (Health Canada NPN approved), repair of micro-lesions, pearlescent and tooth sensitivity protection
• Sodium monofluorophosphate: caries prevention
• Enzymatic system: supports saliva and its functions; caries prevention
• Physical blue filter: makes teeth appear whiter
• Contains no questionable substances such as SLS, triclosan or plastic particles: very low irritation potential
• Made in Switzerland
• Non-abrasive: 76 (RDA) 

In conclusion, remember that the Curaprox Black is White activated carbon whitening toothpaste is effective and a safe choice to offer your patients if they wish to try this new technology!

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact your Sales Consultant (which are also dental professionals) or our customer service at service@oralscience.com or 1 888 442.7070!

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