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The aligner expert – promoting practice on social media – Dentistry.co.uk

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In the first of a regular series of aligner expert columns, Deepa Vakil explains how social media can help in these uncertain times.

At Dental, we have found all social media platforms to be of great benefit to us. In particular Instagram, as it is primarily picture lead. We have used the tool alongside other marketing strategies to advertise the business and our customer satisfaction with before and after pictures of implants, whitening and Invisalign.

It’s imperative to be engaging with your followers and responding to any comments or questions, whilst also following the right demographic for your business; local residents, businesses and of course fellow dentists.

During these uncertain times, it is also a fantastic tool to use for keeping in touch with your patients. People will be viewing social media on a higher than usual scale over the coming weeks and months. So make sure you have a well-stocked image library in preparation.

World Oral Health Day

This year for World Oral Health Day, we decided to focus on the fact that studies have shown there’s a strong link between oral health and mental health. We got this message out to our patients and social media followers to coincide with World Oral Health Day. But also with a view to follow the advice regularly.

Research has shown that bacteria causing certain oral diseases can enter the bloodstream. It can travel to the brain causing inflammation and potential damage. This in turn can lead to mental health conditions including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

This information must be translated to our patients as par for the course. There is of course also the flip side that mental health affects oral hygiene. For…

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