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The clinical guide to comprehensive Invisalign dentistry

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Here’s your chance to grab a copy of Align’s latest supplement – Clinical guide to comprehensive Invisalign dentistry.

The guide provides comprehensive clinical articles that also utilise the Invisalign system. They help to highlight the capabilities of the aligner system.

Pulled together by Raman Aulakh, the supplement is perfect for those at the beginning of their Invisalign journey.

‘The third Invisalign educational supplement features cases treated by the members of The Aligner Global Community, following the SAFE orthodontics methodology,’ Raman Aulakh says.

‘The aim of the Aligner Global Community is to inspire and educate general dentists along their journey in orthodontics and the Invisalign system’.

What does it include?

The clinical guide includes input from clinicians around the profession at different stages of their career.

Articles include:

  • Resolving a traumatic crossbite with the Invisalign system – Dr Yogi Savania
  • The ‘four-sentance prescription’ for an Invisalign treatment plan – Dr Andrew Toy and Dr Raman Aulakh
  • A complex teen case treated with the Invisalign system – Dr Colin O’Hehir
  • Orthodontics and the modern-day GDP – Dr David Bretton.

To freely access the Clinical guide to comprehensive Invisalign dentistry, simply log in below and access it completely free of charge.

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