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The immediate impact of the digital consultation – Dentistry.co.uk

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Speaking at the London Dentistry Show in 2019, Marcos White explains how the digital consultation has an immediate impact on your practice.

On your evolution into digital dentistry, some are considering a scanner, others already have one. Marcos therefore believes at one point in the future you’ll find you end up going completely digital.

Marcos now offers digital immersion courses showing how his practice has integrated digital dentistry.

There are four game-changing reasons to go digital now:

  • The consultation
  • Digital consent
  • Digital record keeping
  • Money.

Marcos found in the first 12 months since buying an Itero scanner, revenue grew by 33%. He puts this growth down to the scanners.

The touchscreen interface that comes with Itero scanners therefore means observations are shown to the patient in a way they can understand. For the first time they see their own problems in colour on the screen. Patients can then trust what they see.

Digital consultation

Marcos describes three main reasons why digital scanning has such a dramatic change:

  1. Increase case acceptance – patients were more convinced with what they saw
  2. Acceptance of more complex treatment plans. Patients could see they needed to treat more of their mouth
  3. Increased efficiency with a digital treatment coordinator.

Introducing a digital treatment coordinator has allowed Marcos to deconstruct their consultations, before putting them back together in a way that’s more efficient. It also halves Marcos’ consult days whilst converting the same volume of treatment.

Digital consent is the process where patients agree to all treatment options digitally where possible. No dentistry goes forward until the patient agrees digitally first. Marcos consequently believes this is the only way dentists can remain safe going forward.

To hear more from Marcos, view the video below.

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