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The importance of mindset

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What is mindset and why are so many people embracing it in the post COVID era? Tracy Stuart explores the realities of developing a healthier mindset and the positive differences it can make to our lives – both personally and professionally.

The idea of ‘mindset’ can be nebulous. Ask any one person what they think it is, and most likely it will differ from the opinion of the next person.

That goes for the general public and those working in fields related to emotional wellbeing.

For me, as someone who has lived and breathed the pursuit of a healthier mindset, ultimately finding success and peace of mind, it is not a fixed entity. It is something we can nurture and develop. We can take on challenges and learning from our mistakes for a better outcome in the future.

Ultimately, I think we will all have a slightly different spin when it comes to defining mindset. What is important to remember is the one thing we can all have in common with a healthier mindset is success!

You are not alone

First things first – if you are finding things a struggle, you are not alone. I’ve been there and so have many of the people I know. There’s no shame in it and the best thing you can do is reach out for support.

I know that is a difficult first step. So consider this – nobody walks around with a banner telling the world they’re not coping. Quite the reverse in fact. So it is important to become self-aware.

Mindset and being self-aware work in symbiosis. They determine who we are and how we present ourselves to the world.

With that in mind, think about how you might manage your feelings and how they might impact your life. When you realise ignoring emotions is very damaging not only to yourself but also to the people around you, it leads to a change in how you manage yourself and your team.

So, look at yourself first (it’s a bit like putting on your oxygen mask in an aeroplane emergency before helping others). But then consider your staff, too.

For instance, do you have a team member that you perceive as ‘difficult’? If you open yourself up to the possibility that there are emotions involved – that the serene swan is paddling like mad under the water – then you can begin to make choices that lead to a healthier mindset.

Work that success!

Here’s the problem – when you have an idea in your head, that is what you are going to achieve.

If you think ‘sales’ is a bad word and you believe it is wrong to discuss your patients’ wants and needs with them, then you are not going to get them to agree to treatment.

Here’s the reality – the sales process in healthcare is not about convincing or pushing people to buy something. Done right, what you are actually doing is helping your patients to have a healthier, happier life.

Then you can achieve a profitable practice with a dynamic team.

I know change is scary, but nursing those fears never helped anyone. Experience has taught me that resistance to change and the obstacles people put in the way are the manifestations of fears they have built up over the years.

Challenging those innate beliefs by focusing on mindset, dentists and their teams can make different choices and have a distinctive world view. This propels them to make changes and achieve more positive outcomes.

There’s no safety net

If you are not in the right mindset and you are not embracing change, your practice won’t thrive. It might not even survive.

That’s the scary bit. But we are going to leave that behind and pursue a healthier mindset. With a healthier mindset, you will see there is opportunity and potential in everything we think, do, see and hear.

That is even true of what we might otherwise perceive as ‘failure’. The reality is that as long as you learn from your mistakes – and we all make them, no one is perfect so don’t beat yourself up – there are no failures.

Together we can move your business forward, in terms of growth, profit and success. All the while injecting the team with much-needed positivity for a happier, healthier workplace.

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