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The Invisalign Expert – discover the secrets to a million-pound Invisalign practice

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We hear about Sandeep Kumar’s ‘Mastering Your Invisalign Business’ course and find out what it entails.

A traditional training course looks something like this…

An expert lectures on a core subject. You leave feeling inspired, you go back to your clinic. But before you know it you’re caught up with your day-to-day routine and what you learnt, and your well-intended action plan, goes on the back burner.

This is the learning formula we’re accustomed to.

It might work in some cases but more often than not we truly learn by witnessing effective communication, empathy, decision-making, gaining buy-in. Through live action demonstrations, and by watching someone who has done it many times over.

It not only inspires and energises you, but also truly absorbs what you need to put your learnings into practice.

This is the Mastering your Invisalign Business experience.

Mastering Your Invisalign Business

Dr Sandeep Kumar, founder and CEO of Mismile is running a one of a kind, new immersive education experience – ‘Mastering Your Invisalign Business’. Here he shares the secrets to independent practice growth using the Invisalign system.

The one-day session led fully by Dr Sandeep gives you the opportunity to witness an expert in action.

The experience also gives you the tools to independent practice growth, whatever your goal may be.

Whether you’re an Invisalign Full or a Go provider, Bronze tier or Diamond, this experience puts the groundwork in place and hands you the tools to fast-track your growth.

Dr Sandeep takes you through the four non-negotiable strategic pillars that underpin his million-pound plus practices, and the largest provider of Invisalign in the UK, the Mismile Network.

Building a million-pound practice

The event runs every month, kicking off with a classroom session in a central Birmingham venue. Then a two-hour live patient journey follows this at Sandeep’s flagship Mismile HQ. Here you can learn how to emulate Dr Kumar’s patient journey in a clinic setting.

The experience is open to practice owners and associates who can demonstrate ambition and a hunger to grow.

Because of its highly immersive nature, Sandeep limits the sessions to 10 delegates.

Dr Kumar says: ‘I built my first practice into the UK’s first Invisalign-only clinic. Now, this is just one of my million-pound practices.

‘I launched the Mismile Network after innumerable requests by other practitioners who also wanted to emulate my Invisalign story.

‘Now, I am sharing the secrets of my success, helping you grow your own business. And I am also including a personal promise for guaranteed results.’

Delegate testimonials

One of the first delegates to complete the experience, Hay Barlow from Chelsea Private Dentist said of his experience: ‘Thank you for such an informative day.

‘I don’t think Dr Sandeep could have made the experience any simpler. Practically holding our hands and showing us how it is done in his practice shows his passion, belief and commitment in what he can offer me and the other dentists.

‘He was unbelievable and he therefore re-ignited the passion I had for Invisalign back in 2006.’

Dan Gallagher, Align Technology general manager GP channel UK and Ireland adds: ‘Mastering Your Invisalign Business experience is a unique opportunity for GDPs to discover new strategies and tactics they can use to help them then drive their Invisalign businesses forward and boost profitability.’

To get an even better feel, you can also hear from the delegates from the first session held in January.

For more information and to submit your application visit www.masteringinvisalign.co.uk.

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