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The Role of Oral Health in Developing and Reversing Cancer

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The mouth and the rest of the body can influence each other in many different ways. Previously, we’ve explored the connection between our oral health and things like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases.

In this expert interview, we continue to explore the mouth/body connection as we chat with Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, DC (aka “Dr. V”).

Dr. V is passionate about helping the world address and reverse cancer. She herself is a cancer conqueror, and she wrote the super interesting and helpful book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally, which is available for purchase on Amazon.

Dr. V’s book walks through the 7 Essential Steps that she created. This step-by-step guide explains the process that she (and many of her patients) used to naturally beat cancer.

One of the essential steps involves taking a look at dentistry. How could our oral health and our dental restorations possibly be related to cancer?

Check out Dr. V’s expert interview video below to discover the answers.

We tackle some tough-love topics in this interview. As you watch it, remember that part of Dr. V’s message is that cancer is not something to fear; it’s a message from your body that some aspects of your life/lifestyle are out of balance and need to change.

With that said, let’s dive right in.

Show Notes:

  • 0:56 The connection between cancer and oral health.
  • 2:11 Dr. V’s backstory and eye-opening moment.
  • 3:32 OraWellness’ similar backstory.
  • 5:05 The role of oral health in addressing cancer.
  • 6:02 Two big ways that your oral health (and dental work) can affect your body.
  • 9:06 The ‘mental disconnect’ that many people have with their mouth (more exploration of the mouth/body connection).
  • 11:45 Checking for inflammatory markers: the relationship between oral health, systemic inflammation, and cancer.
  • 13:36 Does this apply to men as well as women? What about folks who have other types of cancer?
  • 14:13 Stories about some of Dr. V’s patients whose recovery started moving forward when they addressed their oral health issues.
  • 15:47 Can I just get any ol’ dentist to help? The importance of interviewing potential dentists before agreeing to work with them.
  • 17:35 Why are so many of us resistant to getting necessary (holistic) dental work done?
  • 19:11 How thermography can help us identify hidden issues.
  • 22:11 Early cancer detection tools: mammography vs. thermography.
  • 25:52 Some high-level steps that we can take right now to help up-regulate our immune system and support our health.
  • 27:31 More information on the importance of optimizing vitamin D levels.
  • 28:40 How our methylation capacity can affect our vitamin D levels.
  • 31:21 The emotional component: reframing our thoughts about cancer and listening to the message from our body so we can take action to help rebalance it.
  • 35:24 Food is foundational, but there are also 6 other pieces to the puzzle here, including an emotional component.
  • 36:10 Removing the fear: there’s hope.
  • 37:09 Tips for the person who has already undergone conventional cancer treatments.
  • 39:01 It’s not about just getting rid of the lump or bump; in order to get different results moving forward, you have to change.

More Info on Dr. V:

Feel free to visit Dr. V’s website, BreastCancerConqueror.com, and/or follow her on social media:

Wrapping Up…

If you need help figuring out which questions to ask to ‘interview’ a potential dentist, feel free to download our FREE e-book, the OraWellness Guide to Safe Dentistry .

You can also check out Dr. V’s article, “10 Questions About Amalgams Any Truly Holistic Dentist Would Be Happy to Answer“.

We hope you’ve found some helpful gems in this expert interview. If there’s someone in your life who could benefit from this information, please share this interview with them.

Also, if you’ve read Dr. V’s book, followed her protocol before, or have additional tips to share, please post your thoughts and experiences in the comments below so we can all learn from each other.

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