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This Approach Helped Friendly Family Dentistry Grow

by adminjay

Bad reviews that aren’t true. Many practices run into this problem every now and then, but one of our practices had a series of them and didn’t know what to do. So they contacted us to have a conversation about their online reputation and their marketing strategy. A deeper look into their marketing told us this was just the tip of the iceberg.

We feel it’s best to have a comprehensive marketing strategy that covers all your marketing channels-social media, email, websites, online business listings, paid ads and so on, so that your marketing is firing on all cylinders and you can grow your practice and protect your online reputation. This is exactly what we told them on our initial call and we talked through the strategies we felt were going to make a huge impact in their practice.

We know it’s difficult to decide on which marketing agency to use. Many offer a silver bullet solution to get you quick leads and short term gains. Putting all your eggs in one basket limits your success. Rather, we help you with a custom, comprehensive, integrated marketing strategy that helps you build a clear and consistent message to grow your practice over time.

This approach helped our client not only rise above the negative reviews by gaining more positive ones but it brought in new patients, as well. The case study will give you an in-depth view into the exact strategy we took to pull this dental practice out of a sticky situation and produce great results.

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