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Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Company according to Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine

by adminjay

My Dental Agency is honored to have been named as one of the Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Consulting/Services Companies by Healthcare Tech Outlook.

Healthcare Tech Outlook is a respected online and print publication directed at healthcare providers around the world, including hospitals, physicians groups, managed care organizations, and dentists. The magazine focuses on technology trends in all aspects of healthcare and often features companies with innovative products and services that have a significant impact on the industry. That is a big reason why My Dental Agency was included on the magazine’s annual list of Top 10 Marketing Companies.

What really caught their attention was our holistic, integrated approach to dental marketing, our comprehensive portfolio of services, and our ability to manage everything under one roof. HT Outlook recognizes that for practices to truly compete in today’s markets, where digital is king, they need to be proactive and willing to redefine existing strategies. Traditional approaches are not as effective as they once were, and practices often find themselves juggling various marketing strategies with multiple vendors.

When practices ask MDA to step in and handle their digital marketing, they can effectively hand everything over, which frees up time and resources. In fact, that is one of the main reasons MDA made the list. HT Outlook highlighted the fact that we take much of the burden away from the practice, allowing the dentist and staff to focus on what they do best rather than having to manage marketing. The magazine also noted that MDA provides proactive ideas to help dental practices attract and retain patients, pointing out the way we customize marketing campaigns to fit the individual needs of each practice.

We’re not really ones to brag, but we definitely feel that MDA is the best choice for dental marketing, and we’re extremely pleased that HT Outlook agrees. We pride ourselves on offering dental practices an alternative to the traditional marketing approach—which often requires engaging various agencies to do different things that do not always connect cohesively—saving them time and money while helping them grow their patient base and increase revenue with marketing campaign performance they’d never see with disjointed campaigns.

Since 2015, MDA has been on the forefront of dental marketing, and our clients have certainly noticed the difference. The practices that use our services to manage their digital and social media marketing see their online reviews digital campaigns improve almost immediately and also experience a noticeable increase in quality new-patient leads.

We are grateful to be recognized by such an esteemed publication as a top marketing agency. What an honor it is to be featured for our innovative approach to dental marketing! This recognition only reinforces our commitment to our clients and our mission to continue to innovate and serve dental practices around the country.

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