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Twice as Nice Uniforms Steps Up During COVID-19 Crisis

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As the coronavirus continues to spread, there is increased concern over keeping our healthcare professionals safe and productive. To address these critical needs, Twice as Nice Uniforms (2AN) has converted its New Jersey based factory to exclusively produce personal protective gear such as face masks and protective gowns.

“Many in the dental and medical fields, as well as those on the front-lines of our communities, are not able to get masks and other protective gear, which is only adding to the pandemic crisis.” Says company founder, Debora Carrier, RDH. “This is one action we can take to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.”

Twice as Nice Uniforms is uniquely focused on creating infection control products for the healthcare industry. Its products have always provided safety, comfort and style, and include surgical caps, a specialized dental jacket, and many more items. View all products at https://twiceasniceuniforms.com.

For example, the company’s masks are made of 2AN’s 2-layer combination of an antimicrobial underlayer combined with a top protective fabric, which creates breathable, protective and comfortable coverage.

In addition, the company is donating its personal protective gear products to healthcare professionals. As part of this effort, Twice as Nice Uniforms has created a GoFundMe page to help cover some if its expenses for the production and shipment of its donated products. To make a donation, please visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/twice-an-nice-uniforms-covid19-masks.

“Masks and gowns are now being donated to individual healthcare providers and for small community needs,” explains Carrier. “To date, Twice as Nice Uniforms has produced and shipped several hundred donated masks, with the expectation to ship thousands more in the coming months.”

In addition to donated masks, 2AN is currently producing and selling large quantities of masks and

gowns for institutional needs, including N95 gear. These materials are being sold at discount

wholesale pricing. According to Carrier, “Our pricing is set at a level that enables 2AN to

keep the factory running, as well as paying our workers fairly and most importantly, providing working conditions that are as safe as possible.”

About Twice as Nice Uniforms and Founder Debora Carrier, RDH

Twice as Nice Uniforms was founded in 2014 when registered dental hygienist Debora Carrier developed and patented temperature regulating, moisture wicking, antimicrobial uniforms. Debora combined her 30+ years of dental hygiene experience with her background as a fashion model and worked with industry experts to create a new stylish, technologically advanced approach to medical and dental apparel that is safe, professional, and comfortable.

In 2019, Twice as Nice Uniforms launched the Twice the Life program to donate gently used uniforms to dental mission trips.

Debora’s goal with Twice as Nice Uniforms is “Bringing Comfort to those who Comfort Others.” She strives to make the daily life of fellow healthcare providers more comfortable and safer by providing high quality, temperature regulating, protective, professional looking uniforms.

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