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UK ranks amongst best for number of oral health habits

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The UK ranked highly in good oral health habits following a worldwide survey into oral health awareness. 

A number of key findings were revealed in the largest worldwide consumer oral health survey, carried out by Sunstar.

Assessing 15,000 respondents across 15 different countries, the UK ranked best for brushing teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste (47%). Second place was snapped up by the US at 40%.

Other UK findings include:

  • The highest number of respondents who said they did not have problems with their oral health (40%)
  • Ranked second least likely (alongside Japan) to skip brushing their teeth if they were in a rush early morning (13%). Brazilians ranked the least likely (12%)
  • Brits also came in second for visiting the dentist the most regularly (42%), with Germany ranking first (45%).

But what about worldwide reveals?

Worldwide findings

Most and least oral health issues

Thailand has the most and worst problems with oral health. Only 10% have no problems and just 5% are happy with their teeth. The UK ranked the highest, 40%, for not having any problems with their teeth.

Worst habits you would like to give up

Germany and Spain ranked equally the highest. Both came in at 27% for smoking as the worst habit for dental health. Additionally around 22% of Italians, Indonesians and Brazilians said drinking coffee, tea and staining drinks was their worst habit

China, on the other hand, ranked highest for sweets as their worst habit (31%).

Most forgetful at brushing teeth

Indonesians were the most forgetful at brushing their teeth, coming in at 45%. Brazil ranked next highest at 40%. In addition, 33% of Italians, Argentinians and Britons said they never forget to brush their teeth.

Germans, however, forget the least (20%).

Best for cleaning between teeth

China leads the way on cleaning between teeth at 21%, followed by Italy, 20% and Spain 18%. Indonesia ranked the lowest at just 7%.

Smile satisfaction

Those in the Netherlands are the happiest with their teeth. Around 18% report not wanting any cosmetic treatment to improve their smile.

Only 5% of Thai, Spanish, Italians and Brazilians said they would not choose any cosmetic treatment to improve their smile.

The US was one of the lowest – only 7% said they would not want any cosmetic treatment.

Understanding of the mouth/body link

Three quarters (76%) of Argentinians understood that smoking tobacco impacted dental health. And just 39% of those in Singapore understood the mouth/body link.

The Japanese have the best understanding that dental health can also affect life expectancy (38%). In comparison, Britain came in at just 12%.

Which countries reported most bad breath?

Asian countries reported bad breath when describing their oral health more than anywhere else. The worst was in Japan (34%).

Brazil reported the least at just 8%.

Which countries have seen the worst oral health impact during the pandemic?

Findings suggest Argentinians missed the most dental appointments during the pandemic (44%). Just 12% of Japan missed dental appointments, the lowest figure worldwide.

Americans experienced more tooth sensitivity during the pandemic (25%) while Indonesians ranked highest (45%) for choosing to now clean their teeth more regularly.

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