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Unlocking ectopically erupting permanent first molars using light wires

by adminjay

Background and Overview

Ectopic eruption of permanent molars is one of the challenges that arise in the early
mixed dentition period, particularly when the root of the primary second molar is
resorbed due to mesial angulation of the impacted first molar. The authors introduce
a simple and efficient method to unlock ectopically erupting first molars using a
light wire.

Case Description

The authors describe the cases of 2 girls (8 and 7 years old) who sought treatment
for locking of their maxillary and mandibular first molars, respectively. A 0.012-inch
nickel titanium wire was compressed and bonded to the first molars and primary second
molars to unlock the first molars. The primary second molars were splinted to the
adjacent primary first molars and canines using bonded multistranded wires. As the
compressed wires straightened over time, the locked first molars were tipped back
without any substantial mesial movement of the primary teeth. After unlocking the
molars, the nickel titanium wires were removed to allow spontaneous eruption of the
first molars.

Conclusions and Practical Implications

Although the primary molar roots were considerably resorbed, the ectopically erupting
first molars were unlocked successfully without any substantial movement of the primary
teeth. The clinical procedure was simple, and no laboratory procedures were needed.
In addition, the anchorage burden was reduced with the use of light forces. The authors
suggest that primary second molars with substantial root resorption due to ectopic
eruption of permanent first molars can be saved simply and efficiently.

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