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Webinar | Unraveling the Mystery of TMD

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You are going to see more and more TMD patients as your practice matures.

The important question is, what did you learn in dental school about addressing and solving problems of the masticatory system, such as bruxism, sore muscles and joints, clicking joints, morning headaches, and chronic fatigue? The answer is not enough. As a Dawson Dentist, you’ll be trained to become the problem solver in your community. Gain the confidence to diagnose and understand TMD by unraveling the mysteries with Resident Expert Dr. Witt Wilkerson. Join us as we simplify a complex subject.

Learning Objectives:

  • Outline the major sources of temporomandibular disorders (TMD)
  • Implement a checklist for systematic evaluations of TMD

Watch Dr. Wilkerson’s webinar:

The mysteries of TMD continue – join us throughout 2021

What’s next? Develop the ability to not only unravel TMD, but discover how to become your own TMD specialist in our upcoming live stream course with Dr. Wilkerson. This 4-part live stream CE course will cover an introduction to TMJ Anatomy, Function, & Dysfunction, Cause & Effect Relationships, Diagnosis, and Treatment. 

Learn More

Go even further by attending one of Dr. Wilkerson’s leading seminars on ‘TMD Patients: Diagnosis & Treatment’ coming to East Hanover, New Jersey and St. Petersburg, Florida in 2021. In Examination and Records and Treatment Planning Functional Esthetic Excellence, a systematic process for conducting a comprehensive examination, taking diagnostic records, and developing a treatment plan was introduced. This process works for the majority of patients which have healthy TMJ’s. This course will pick up where those courses left off and teach a systematic process for advanced records when TMD pathology is suspected. A systematic process for the evaluation, differential diagnosis, treatment and management of patients exhibiting signs and symptoms of TMD will be developed. Learn more about this in-person seminar here.

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