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by adminjay

Not all dentists are the same, but do your patients know that? When we ask doctors what makes them unique most of them give us the same answer, “ We are friendly, have a great team and use state-of-the-art technology.” These are all great attributes, but how will this make you different from all the other dentists in your area who are saying the same thing? More so, why will patients choose you over the other dentists?

A great way to think about what makes you unique, and so you can use that message in your marketing, is to actually consider your patients needs. Chances are you know who your ideal patient is-for some it’s families with children, for other practices it’s an older, more affluent demographic. Think about what that patient really wants, what motivates them to choose a dentist, and how you can solve that need.

Patients who are family oriented most likely have a need for convenient hours as they are busy with children, school and activities. It might also help them to know that you offer many different services under one roof-cleanings and orthodontics. If they only have to go to one location with their multiple family members, it makes it easy for them to schedule and keep track of appointments. For this demographic, convenience and multiple services under one roof makes their lives easier. An easier life? Who wouldn’t want that! Use this message in your marketing to attract this type of patient.

Empty nesters and retirees, on the other hand, have different dental issues. They may be in need of complex restorations like restorative treatment and implants, or have more time and money to spend on their own dental health and want to upgrade their smile through cosmetic dental treatments. The doctor’s advanced training in these specialities, specifics on state-of-the-art equipment, and ways you make the patient comfortable will capture the attention of these folks because it helps solve their problem-high quality dental care.

These characteristics may seem obvious to you, but they aren’t to your patients. Marketing is about making your unique advantages crystal clear to your audience. Friendly is good, but marketing that focuses on your patient’s needs and wants will help them identify you as their ideal dentist.

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