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Which Side of the Line Are You On?

by adminjay

The new year is a time for contemplation. Many people use this opportunity to reflect on the past and think about creating a better future. They set resolutions, write in their goal journals and hit the gym in hopes of a #NewYearNewYou.

We welcome this time as a chance to reset; a chance to get our lives in order. After all, life can be a little messy. It’s tricky to maneuver through all of our personal and professional demands each day – and still squeeze in a workout.

Right now, at the beginning of another new year, you are at a crossroads. There is a line dividing all of the happy years of your past, and the unknown years of your future.


You could be on the side of line where you are living in the past. You tell yourself that your best years are behind you, and that you have nothing to look forward to in the future. To use another metaphor, you’re playing the back nine holes and thinking about how to pack it in.

Or, you can be on the other side of the line, focusing on your future. When you’re on this side, you know that your best years are still ahead of you. You may not know what’s coming, but what’s important is that you’re excited for it. You’re in control. You’re ready to take charge to make this the best year yet.

Which side do you end up on? That’s up to YOU. Which side of the line you spend your time on is completely your choice.

What plans are you creating right now to ensure you have the best year ever?

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