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Why Should I Buy? – My Dental Agency

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Dr. Lee Brown is a respected dentist and one of two owner practitioners of Brown & Gettings, DDS in West Chester, OH (greater Cincinnati area). He is also one of our trusted Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) members. The CAB is made up of distinguished dental professionals from across the country who share MDA’s core philosophies: providing an essential service, educating practitioners and patients, and adding value every day.

I recently asked Dr. Brown to share his thoughts and experience specifically for dentists who are apprehensive about investing in a comprehensive marketing strategy. Below is his response:

“As dentists, our number one goal is to provide great care to our patients. That is why we are here, and that is the ultimate benchmark. This means our primary focus is typically improving our clinical skills.

The challenge is we also have a business to run! If we don’t do this well, then we lose the ability to help our patients and provide for our team. I have learned (the hard way) that you can’t do it all on your own. It will burn you out mentally, and it will cost you financially because you will be focused on the wrong things.

I have tried to piece a strategy together by having a team member control social media, a separate SEO company, and a different company managing our website. I couldn’t keep track of each part, and they certainly weren’t all working together on a cohesive strategy. I shudder to think how much time and money I wasted in the process. And think about what that cost me in missed opportunities over the years!

The best advice I can give anyone is to treat the health of the business the way you want your patients to approach their health: comprehensively. We need someone with a game plan that is looking at the whole picture and not just one tiny part. Without that, you will never get the results you are looking for.

We also know the cheapest option for your patient’s health is rarely the best option. We know when people invest in the best option it pays for itself many times over. The same has been true working with My Dental Agency. They are phenomenal at what they do and customize it to the goals we are trying to achieve. Our partnership has been one of the best professional decisions I have ever made.

Since working with My Dental Agency, our practice has exploded, and I never worry about any digital marketing because I know they have it under control. We regularly communicate our strategy and discuss ways to improve. It is a perfect relationship for our practice goals.

So, you can continue to experiment on your own and look at some cheaper options, but that will actually end up costing you more in the long run. Commit to doing the right thing the first time by working with the best, and you won’t regret it!”

I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Brown! No one person can do it all without sacrificing something important. It also pains me to think about dental practices missing opportunities and overspending on marketing because they are juggling too many things at once. That is why MDA provides the most comprehensive marketing service for dentists anywhere in the US and Canada. When we do our job well, your practice will thrive, and you can focus on what you love most — taking care of your patients.

Thank you, Dr. Brown, for your honest response and for sharing your expertise with our clients as a part of our CAB.

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