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Wireless X-Ray Sensor Earns Praise From Dental Testing Organization

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The DC-Air wireless x-ray sensor by Freedom Technologies Group (FTG) was given positive feedback in the most recent issue of Clinicians Report, an independent, non-profit, dental education, and product testing foundation:

“CR’s “First Look” evaluation found it produced excellent detailed images with high resolution and excellent dynamic range (exposure latitude). Wireless image transfer and processing took only 6–8 seconds, which was not a noticeable impediment to the digital imaging workflow. Both staff and patients found the wireless sensor easy to work with and more comfortable than conventional corded sensors.”

The DC-Air has been garnering interest in the dental community as it claims to be a more comfortable and durable version of the conventional digital x-ray sensor that also delivers more detailed images, making it easier to detect issues such as cavities, fractures, and other dental pathology before they progress into more significant issues.

Luke Scott, FTG’s Director of Sales and Marketing, remarks, “This latest issue of Clinicians Report is a big deal for us. We’ve known from the beginning that the DC-Air delivers a real step forward for the modality, but to receive affirmation from such an objective and respected organization as Clinicians Report is a milestone that we have spent a long time working and hoping for.”

An independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation, Clinicians Report, January, 2022.

For the full report, go to https://ftgimaging.com or click this link.

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FEATURED IMAGE CAPTION: DC-Air is dentistry’s only wireless, direct-conversion intraoral x-ray sensor. The combination of these core technologies creates a more comfortable and convenient acquisition experience and provides unmatched clarity in the resulting radiographs. (PRNewsfoto/Freedom Technologies Group).

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