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6,500 Oral Health Providers Can Now Treat Seniors Approved for the CDCP

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Beginning today, May 1, 2024, the 6,500+ oral health care providers that have signed up to participate in the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) can start treating patients that have been approved for the program.

One million seniors have been approved to begin their coverage in this first month and now the application process for eligible people aged 65 and older is made even easier with a user-friendly online tool.

For appointments made before July 8, 2024, CDCP patients will need to ask their oral health provider if they are registered to participate in the program. After that date, patients can see any dental care provider without them needing to have officially registered. Beginning July 8, dental professionals can directly bill Sun Life for treatment provided under the plan.

Sun Life has created a CDCP Provider Search for patients to use to find a participating dentist, hygienist, denturist or specialist.

“Today marks a significant milestone for all those who have been eagerly waiting to receive services under the Canadian Dental Care Plan,” said The Honourable Mark Holland, Minister of Health. “I am thrilled to know that people who have put off oral health care because they couldn’t afford it will begin to receive essential dental care services and that they will be on the road to better health. I thank every oral health provider who is preparing to provide services to CDCP patients. This is a pivotal moment in our country’s history.”

Read more from Health Canada on this announcement.

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