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A-dec Introduces First Digitally Connected Dental Chair and Delivery System

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Today, A-dec announced a breakthrough in dental equipment with the launch of its first-ever digitally connected delivery systems: the A-dec 500 Pro and A-dec 300 Pro platforms.

Marv Nelson, President of A-dec, noted that the company has a long history of innovation and a deeply embedded mission of working for the betterment of dentistry. “We believe that connected dental equipment is the future of dentistry,” he said. “A-dec is leading the way with the introduction of these new delivery systems. Like all A-dec products, they’re designed to be simple, reliable, and intuitive.”

At the heart of the company’s new technology platform is A-dec+, an updatable software platform that supports the doctor and the dental practice, as well as their A-dec equipment, with a new level of connection.

Ryan Williams, VP of Digital and Technology at A-dec, explained, “Doctors are already familiar with smart, connected products in their daily lives. Our goal is to bring that technology, and an improved user experience, into their operatories—and to elevate their practices now and into the future.”

A-dec+ provides the digital foundation to integrate and seamlessly add the latest products, applications, and features. With the use of the A-dec+ mobile or web application, doctors will gain a centralized platform to view their ecosystem of connected equipment, where valuable insights into the use and performance of their connected equipment will grow with them. Whether viewing a connected operatory, clinic, or multiple locations, A-dec+ connects the doctor to their practice. As advancements in technology occur, A-dec+ software updates will enable A-dec equipment to evolve.

The A-dec 500 Pro delivery comes fully enabled with A-dec+; adding the A-dec+ Gateway enables A-dec+ on the 300 Pro delivery. Both deliveries also feature new user interfaces to support the A-dec+ platform: the Dynamic Screen 7 touchscreen (A-dec 500 Pro) and the Control Pad 5i (A-dec 300 Pro).

All new 311, 411, and 511 chairs, in addition to the A-dec 500 assistant’s line, will be fully A-dec+ compatible, accepting software updates while offering the benefits of a connected platform.

Nelson and Williams emphasized that these new solutions are the first of several A-dec+ supported products the company plans to release. “The A-dec 500 Pro and A-dec 300 Pro are only the beginning,” said Williams. “Doctors can look forward to seeing more A-dec products enabled with A-dec+ technology.”

Order acceptance for the A-dec 500 Pro and A-dec 300 Pro delivery systems begins today, along with the new A-dec 341 and A-dec Inspire 391 treatment consoles.

Learn more at a-dec.com/500 and a-dec.com/300.

About A-dec

Founded in 1964, A-dec has grown into one of the largest privately-owned dental equipment manufacturers in the United States, recognized as a global leader in dental solutions. A-dec operates manufacturing facilities in Newberg, Oregon, and Hangzhou, China; a showroom and education center in Nashville, Tennessee; and distribution centers in Nuneaton, United Kingdom, and Mascot, Australia. A-dec dental chairs, delivery systems, dental lights, dental furniture, mechanical room equipment, A-dec 360 infection control products—and now connection solution platforms—embody the company’s mission to work for the betterment of dentistry worldwide.

To learn more, visit www.a-dec.com.

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