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Angel Aligner Accelerates Expansion Through Global Partnership with 3Shape

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Angel Aligner and 3Shape have jointly announced a global strategic partnership with the aim of enhancing their capacity to serve digital orthodontics patients on a worldwide scale. This collaboration aims to empower clinicians associated with Angel Aligner across the globe by allowing them to effortlessly upload patient images to Angel Aligner’s cloud-based digital orthodontic platform through the utilization of 3Shape scanners, all with a simple click of a button. Concurrently, orthodontic clients of 3Shape across the world will experience seamless access to Angel Aligner’s extensive clear aligner solutions, thus optimizing and streamlining their operational processes.

This strategic partnership stands as a significant realization of Angel Aligner’s ambitions in digitalization and international expansion.

Additionally, it underscores the dedication of both Angel Aligner and 3Shape to open-architecture business systems.

Donald Huang, director of Angel Aligner, who is also responsible for the company’s international business, stated, “Throughout the years, Angel Aligner and 3Shape have nurtured a deep and enduring partnership founded on mutual trust. To foster a broader and deeper cooperation, we aim to leverage the resources and cutting-edge technologies from both sides, to drive innovation and transformation in digital orthodontics. Our shared goal is to enhance efficient and accurate diagnosis and treatment, while providing patients with a comfortable and precise orthodontic experience.”

Jakob Just-Bomholt, CEO of 3Shape, stated, “Building on our longstanding collaboration, 3Shape and Angel Aligner are taking our global strategic partnership to new heights, through our joint efforts to create a more comprehensive digital dental ecosystem. I am confident that the combination of our technologies will deliver smarter, more precise and highly efficient treatment solutions to users around the world.”

Angel Aligner has been deeply engaging in the digital orthodontic industry for over 20 years and has treated over 1 million* cases.

3Shape has one of the highest installed bases of intra-oral scanners worldwide, covering more than 100 countries or regions, with more than 650 patents and an average of more than 500,000 3Shape scans per day.

The strategic partnership between the two companies will promote the development of the digital orthodontic industry and improve workflows for orthodontic providers.

For more information on either company, please visit 3shape.com or AngelAligner.com.

*As of June 30, 2023, the total number of cases of products and services provided by all entities owned or controlled by Angelalign Technology, Inc. has exceeded 1 million.

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