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Asprodental Raises $1.8M in Seed Funding

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Asprodental, the innovative dental practice management software developed and supported by dentists, has successfully closed its seed round of funding. This $1.8 million round was led by Backed By Dentists, an exclusive community of dentist investors, and included investment from Revere Partners VC, the first independent venture fund for oral health.

This strategic investment from Backed By Dentists is a testament to the market’s belief in Asprodental. These dentist investors are not only financial backers but also advocates and future users of the platform, strengthening Asprodental’s position in the dental industry.

Revere Partners VC’s involvement plays a pivotal role in Asprodental’s journey. Their investment signifies the recognition of Asprodental as an institutionally vetted business and establishes its reputation as a significant player in dental technology and practice management.

About Asprodental

With this latest funding round, Asprodental stands as the first and only dental management software that is founded, supported, and backed by dentists. This uniquely positions Asprodental to advance the dental industry from the inside out. The platform’s exceptional ease of use demonstrates the value of a founding team that understands the dental office workflow firsthand. Asprodental’s vision is to elevate the patient experience and improve office efficiency by automating and streamlining the practice management platform. This empowers dental teams to spend more time with patients and less on administrative tasks.

“With consumer technology these days, the average user can download a new social media app or log into their online banking and figure out how it works just by clicking around. We’re bringing that level of user friendliness to dental management software,” said Tiffany Nguyen, cofounder and CEO of Asprodental. “It simply doesn’t exist right now for enterprise software and we want to change that.” Dr. Kimberly Nguyen, cofounder and Chief Dental Officer of Asprodental adds, “we’re creating the software that we wish we had when we were running dental offices together. We call it FEBulous: faster, easier, and better.”

Asprodental is the culmination of the founders’ dental industry expertise.

Dr. Jeremy Krell, managing partner of Revere Partners VC and advisor to Asprodental remarks about the founders, “I have known and worked with Kimberly and Tiffany for over 3 years—they’re inspirational leaders with a clear vision to deliver a new level of practice management. Asprodental provides an easy customer experience for practices and groups, consolidating key functionality in one sleek platform. Revere Partners believes that Asprodental can disrupt and expand this robust market segment.”

Backed By Dentists

Asprodental’s recent funding round was led by Backed By Dentists, a network of leading dentists who invest in innovative dental ventures. This strategic collaboration has created a buzz in the industry.

“Dentists want to invest in dental products/services that we understand and can influence the market on. Tired of being sheep in the larger financial world ruled by banks and hedge funds. We have the vision of owning 10% of 10 dental companies by 2025,” shares Dr. Galler, whose leadership as president of Backed By Dentists has played a key role in shaping their mission.

Backed By Dentists first made headlines by raising $4.5 million for a consumer product toothpaste company called Made By Dentists. Asprodental represents the group’s inaugural investment in the software space, highlighting their commitment to fostering advancements within the dental industry.

Members of Backed By Dentists who are also Asprodental users express enthusiasm about the company’s growth.

“As an Asprodental user, I’m grateful that I finally found a software company that understands dentists and gives us the tools needed to run a successful (and less stressful) practice. I’m also proud to invest in a company that’s changing the game in helping dental offices run seamlessly,” said Dr. Adriann Hooks, founder of Armstrong Dental Care and faculty lecturer for Align Technologies, the company behind Invisalign. Dr. Parul Ajmani, founder of MacArthur Smiles, also comments on her experience as a user, “Asprodental has been a gamechanger for my practice! It has helped me save a lot of money in my IT budget and I love its modern and integrated design.” She validates Asprodental’s strategy of accelerating growth by fundraising from its users, “as an investor I am very excited to share this seamless user friendly software with my colleagues.”

Founders and Their Backgrounds

Asprodental is a female-led company and the brainchild of visionary founders, each with a unique and impressive background:

Tiffany Nguyen graduated from USC with a bachelor’s degree in biology at the remarkable age of 19. While managing dental practices, she realized the severe limitations of existing dental management software. Tiffany returned to USC for an MBA in Technology Commercialization and co-founded Asprodental to provide a better tool for dental teams like her own. Tiffany’s entrepreneurial journey includes recognition as the “Entrepreneur of the Year” by USC’s Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurship and as one of the winners of the Athena Summit pitch competition. Her expertise and tenacity have been instrumental in attracting strategic partners and investors to Asprodental.

Dr. Kimberly Nguyen graduated with distinction from the USC Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at the age of 23. She founded two dental practices and an annual health fair in partnership with Rotary International to offer free dental, vision, and medical services. Frustrated with the lack of modern, cloud-based dental software, Dr. Kimberly Nguyen co-founded Asprodental to create a faster, easier, and better streamlined workflow to support dentists and their teams. Her strong relationships with dental companies and professional organizations have been instrumental in the successful launch and growth of Asprodental.

Pascal Decoussemaeker brings extensive expertise from the dental and veterinary industries. He has experience in various B2B sales strategies, including sales and distribution channel development, branded product launches, and OEM private labeling. His leadership previously led a San Jose-based x-ray start-up to a presence in over 80 countries. Pascal’s industry connections have been crucial in facilitating partnerships between Asprodental and dental imaging companies like Sota Imaging and Apteryx.

Visit www.asprodental.com for more information about Asprodental and to explore the software’s features and benefits.

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About Asprodental

Asprodental is the leading dental practice management software created by dentists, for dentists. Our mission is to simplify dental practice management, enhance patient care, and drive the dental industry forward with innovative technology solutions.

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