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As companies such as NSK Dental introduced new technologies to their product lineup, including improved air-driven handpieces, doctors began to enjoy the best of both worlds. As Dr. Foroud Hakim, an internationally recognized speaker with a passion for contemporary restorative dentistry pointed out, dentists could now reap the benefits of more power and better cutting efficiency while retaining the comfort of continuing to work with an air-powered handpiece.

About NSK

NSK has been developing dental equipment since 1930 and is now the world’s largest manufacturer of rotary instruments for the dental profession, including air-driven and electric handpieces, specialty handpieces (endo, surgical, hygiene), electric motors, and handpiece maintenance systems.

The company’s newest line, the Ti-Max Z series of air-driven handpieces, are incredibly powerful handpieces that incorporate the following features:

  • Duragrip coating: The surface of the pure titanium body is blasted to eliminate shiny surfaces by producing micro surface unevenness, which is then covered with the company’s Duragrip coating. As well as improved scratch resistance and durability, the uneven surface ensures a comfortable, non-slip grip.

  • Durapower chuck: A new, more durable chuck provides sustained gripping force that reduces the risk of bur slippage compared with conventional models.

  • Dynamic power system: The enlarged exhaust port, optimized nozzle structure, and enlarged rotor bucket achieve the highest rotational power in its category, compared with the same handpiece class offered by other major manufacturers as of July 2023.

  • Easily replaceable cartridge: The cartridge can be easily replaced by the user, eliminating time lost from sending the handpiece in for repair and ensuring a consistently good treatment environment.

  • Microfilter: The 0.3 mm diameter mesh water filter prevents foreign matter from entering the water line, reducing the risk of clogging.

  • 100o angled head: The 100o angled head enables easier access and high torque cutting for efficient access to the anatomical angles within the oral cavity.

  • Quick stop function: High speed rotation ceases in about 1 second, improving control and safety in the oral cavity. The result is efficient, high-speed cutting and increased operator confidence.

Assessing these technological advances, Dr. Hakim commented: “I always say to colleagues, ‘It’s hard to practice to our fullest potential without electric handpieces.’ NSK has proven me wrong with their latest air driven handpieces, the Z990L and Z890L! Without sacrificing power and efficiency, they provide the feather touch control that fans of air driven turbines crave, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.’”

Another significant advantage of the new NSK handpieces is that their power and efficiency results in reduced chair time for patients, minimizing their anxiety and discomfort and lessening their reluctance to schedule regular dental visits. These lighter-weight, newly designed handpieces are more comfortable in the dentist’s hand, making daily restorative preparation and finishing less uncomfortable.

The Bottom Line

For confirmation of the confidence NSK has in its products, you have only to look at their comprehensive warranties, most of which are double or triple the average of other manufacturers’ and include a no-questions-asked policy, even if the operator is at fault.

Numerous benefits and an exceptional warranty are great, but a recommendation by a respected colleague can be very reassuring, making Dr. Hakim’s endorsement significant. To discover more about NSK’s state-of-the-art technology, commitment to better patient care, and why its products are so highly regarded, visit the company’s website at https://www.canada.nsk-dental.com.

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