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Careington Partners with Wellpoint Federal and QTC Medical Group

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Careington International Corporation is pleased to announce its partnership with Wellpoint Federal and Quality, Timeliness, & Customer Service Medical Group to support the Defense Health Agency’s Reserve Health Readiness Program. With this new collaboration, the program will now utilize Careington’s Care PPO network to provide U.S. reservist servicemen and women with national access to in-clinic dental treatment in preparation for deployment.

Since 2021, QTC Medical Group, the leading provider of disability and occupational service solutions, has been the contractor for the Reserve Health Readiness Program. The RHRP offers Individual Medical Readiness, Dental Readiness, and deployment services to active duty and reserve service members who do not have direct access to military treatment facilities. Wellpoint Federal, the subcontractor of the RHRP plan, contributes in-clinic dental and vision services and provides healthcare solutions to the nation’s veterans, active military personnel, and their families.

Together, QTC Medical Group and Wellpoint Federal are committed to providing medical and dental readiness support for those preparing to defend the nation.

Wellpoint Federal has chosen the Careington Care PPO network to grant reservists access to in-clinic dental care through the RHRP. Careington is a national leader in the health and wellness benefits industry and has built extensive networks that serve more than 30 million members across all top-tier companies, brands, products, and services. With over four decades of experience as a pioneer in the dental space, Careington strives to provide superior network access for all clients and members.

Careington owns and operates some of the largest discount and PPO dental networks throughout the U.S., offering significant savings on dental care through quality, fully credentialed dentists, and specialists.

“We are honored to partner with Wellpoint Federal and QTC Medical Group to help provide access to dental care for U.S. military reservists,” said Careington CEO, Stewart Sweda. “At Careington, we recognize the bravery of men and women who defend our nation, and it is a privilege be a part of the programs providing them with support in preparation for their service.”

Careington is always looking to expand our national dental networks, and we are currently seeking providers to be a part of the Careington Care PPO dental network to help support the RHRP program that provides valuable deployment services to reservists. For more information, please submit an email to reservists@careington.com.

About Careington International Corporation

The company is a well-established leader in the health and wellness benefits space. Founded in 1979, Careington is nationally recognized as a product aggregator and full-service administrator, and it stands as one of the largest privately held discount health care companies in the nation. Presently, Careington serves more than 30 million members across top-tier companies, brands, products, and services, and it has several affiliate companies, including Careington Benefit Solutions, DialCare, and Munroe Sutton.

Dedicated to improving individual health and well-being by offering affordable access to care, Careington provides national PPO and dental discount networks, flagship dental savings plans, and a growing portfolio of over 150 health, wellness, and lifestyle products and services. These offerings are designed to deliver cost savings and service excellence across a spectrum of life needs.

For information on Careington’s products, services, administration, and marketing solutions, visit careington.com.

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