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Celebrity Dentist Creates The “Skilling Filling” To Honor Legendary WGN Meteorologist

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Celebrity dentist, Dr. Chiann Fan Gibson of Naperville, Illinois, has announced that she has created the “Skilling Filling” in honor of legendary Chicago weatherman, Tom Skilling, who retired after a 50 year career on Wednesday, February 28th.

Dr. Chiann Fan Gibson – Smiles By Dr. Gibson Naperville IL (PRNewsfoto/Dr. Chiann Fan Gibson) (PRNewsfoto/Dr. Chiann Fan Gibson)

Dr. Gibson is the past president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and official dentist of the Miss Universe Pageant. Dr. Chiann Gibson’s office walls are filled with celebrity patients and pageant winners. Dr. Chiann Gibson herself was Mrs. United States 2005. But now, Dr. Chiann Gibson’s wall will have a new additional category, the “Skilling Filling” smile makeover. When asked what exactly a Skilling Filling is, Gibson answered:

  • A Skilling Filling embraces all the qualities of Tom Skilling’s world.
  • A Skilling Filling is weather resistant and able to shelter icy drinks and scorching hot cheeses without flooding pain.
  • A Skilling Filling is as strong as gale force winds yet as soothing as a soft summer breeze.
  • A Skilling Filling stands the test of time like Skilling himself – never breaks down or leaks around the edges.
  • A Skilling Filling smile makeover brightens even the darkest nights like Tom Skilling’s done every morning when we click on the news and weather report.
  • Tom Skilling has found his way into our hearts with wisdom (not the tooth) and deep rooted (not the tooth) midwest hospitality. That’s what a Skilling Filling smile makeover is all about.

Gibson continued, “The next time you walk into my Smiles By Dr. Gibson office, beginning March 1st, we only perform “Skilling Filling” smile makeovers to honor the man who put smiles on our faces for generations. And when you look in the mirror to see your Skilling Filling new smile, you can’t help but smile back and say, ‘Thanks for the memories Tom Skilling…you will be missed.’”

For more information on the Skilling Filling and Dr. Chiann Gibson, contact us at Bigtalkproduction@gmail.com or 702-843-5000 for further updates and info.

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