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CORDENTAL Group Launches Overjet AI to Help its Practices Stand Out – Dentistry Today

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CORDENTAL Group announced its exclusive partnership with Overjet: the world leader in dental AI. The dental support organization (DSO) will provide Overjet’s FDA-cleared technology to all 42 of its affiliated practices so they can consistently deliver the highest possible level of care.

Top DSOs like CORDENTAL use Overjet to provide the cutting edge of dental care.

“Overjet’s AI helps our doctors make the best decisions for our patients,” said Steven Jones, co-founder and chief growth officer of CORDENTAL. “Furthermore, it improves the treatment planning process and enhances patient education, leading to higher patient acceptance through the visualization of findings. We feel Overjet has augmented the clinical care our clinicians provide to our patients and will lead to better outcomes for our patients over time. And for us as a leading dental support organization, that makes sound business sense.”

One of CORDENTAL’s founding principles is “optimize”: supplying its dental practices with the gold standard of administrative support and technology. With Overjet, these practices can now immediately demonstrate to patients that they’re receiving optimal care — from detecting diseases in their X-rays to educating them about their oral health. Overjet is the only AI platform cleared by the FDA to detect, outline, and quantify pathologies like cavities, enabling dentists to achieve greater precision than ever before.

“The best DSOs give their practices a massive competitive advantage,” said Dr. Gordon Barfield, senior clinical manager at Overjet. “That’s what CORDENTAL has achieved by launching dental AI. Overjet not only improves outcomes for patients but also shows those patients exactly what their dentist sees, for the first time. There’s no better way for DSOs to prove that they’re at the cutting edge.”

CORDENTAL has already introduced Overjet in an initial testing phase before its full rollout. Jones said that the early results with Overjet have been “very, very positive.” Dr. Jennifer Hinshaw of Foxridge Dental noted that Overjet “makes our practice stand out” and gives her “more confidence in the care we are providing.” Perhaps the most important feedback has come from patients themselves. Dr. Lauren Patrick of University Dental Group emphasized that “patients think it’s super cool technology.”

“I believe Overjet AI will absolutely make us better at what we do,” said Dr. Greg Ceraso, chief dental officer of CORDENTAL. “Being an excellent dentist requires one to be an excellent diagnostician. Every dentist is familiar with those moments while evaluating radiographs when you ask the question, ‘Is there really something going on there, or is it just an artifact?’ Overjet will afford us that unbiased second opinion that may allow us to recognize and possibly treat areas of disease before they become more advanced.”

To learn more about how Overjet is elevating dental care, visit overjet.ai.


Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, CORDENTAL Group® is a dental support organization that provides business support services to affiliated dental practices across the Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern, and Southeastern United States. CORDENTAL promotes a dentist-centric approach that allows dentists and their teams to concentrate on what they do best — provide the highest level of quality clinical care to their patients. For additional information on CORDENTAL Group, visit www.cordentalgroup.com.

About Overjet

Overjet is the world leader in dental AI. Founded by experts from MIT and Harvard University, Overjet builds artificial intelligence that helps dental organizations give patients the highest quality of care. Our FDA-cleared technology is the first objective standard for making oral health decisions — so that dentists can detect pathologies with precision and educate patients with confidence. To learn more, visit overjet.ai.

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