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CREF Supports Fast-Growing Network of MB2 Dental Locations

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Global corporate real estate and facilities management leader CREF recently announced an exciting new partnership with MB2 Dental, the country’s first, fastest-growing, and largest dental partnership organization. With deep expertise in healthcare, CREF will serve as a strategic partner to MB2 Dental, providing comprehensive real estate services for MB2 Dental’s 685 locations and counting.

Both CREF and MB2 Dental have Dallas-based offices with a national network and specialize in building long-term partnerships. MB2 Dental partners with dentists to provide support services so they can focus on delivering best-in-class patient care. Similarly, CREF partners with providers and owners to oversee all elements of their real estate needs, maximizing efficiency as it aligns with their partners’ growth, and ensuring their clients stay focused on their missions.

“The experience of CREF’s team in operating, running, and improving facilities is unmatched. When you’re leading a network the size of MB2 Dental, you need a partner who knows exactly what it takes to maximize your physical infrastructure so that you can focus on what matters most—patient care,” said Scott Davis, CREF executive vice president. “By providing end-to-end lease management support and strategic counsel on facilities, we will not only tackle the day-to-day challenges of managing hundreds of practices, but we will also position MB2 Dental and its doctor partners for continued growth and success in delivering the best quality dental care to people nationwide.”

MB2 Dental’s decision to work with CREF comes at a moment of significant growth for the company, having added 163 new dental practices in 2023 alone.

“Our goal each and every day is to provide best-in-class support to our doctor partners, including facilities management, so finding CREF will help us give our doctor partners the power to pursue unmatched personal, professional, and financial growth while running their businesses and brands the way they choose,” said Justin Puckett, president of MB2 Dental. “I appreciate CREF’s commitment to that same idea of helping people to work smarter. CREF makes MB2 Dental’s doctor partners more efficient and nimbler, allowing us to lean on their healthcare facilities expertise so we can stay focused on caring for our patients and serving our communities.”

About CREF

CREF is a global corporate real estate and facilities management firm that partners with the world’s leading operators to provide long-term, integrated solutions that help solve the complex challenges of regulated real estate. Across more than 40 million square feet of client real estate, our team of hands-on problem solvers and subject matter experts has seen it all and responds quickly, providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to move businesses forward.

About MB2 Dental

Dallas-based MB2 Dental is a first-of-its-kind dental partnership organization (DPO) founded in 2007 and led by dentist and entrepreneur Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. MB2 Dental was the first group to introduce the DPO model when it was born from Dr. Villanueva’s practice and soon resonated with his colleagues, quickly growing through doctor referrals. Since its founding, MB2 Dental has partnered with more than 685 general and specialty dental practices across 39 states.

For more information, visit www.mb2dental.com or connect with the company on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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