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Customer Spotlight: Inside Scoop on Dental Design Studio

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At CariFree, we feel fortunate to have so many dental professionals who believe in our products and recommend them to their patients. We are excited to spotlight offices that have been long-time partners and want to share their tips for success. Today, we introduce you to Dental Design Studio, the office of Dr. Jennifer Jenkins, Dr. Sara Spurlock and team.


What is your why? Why is a caries prevention program important to you and your team?

Our practice mission is to partner with patients to optimize their overall health—not only treating disease but getting to the root cause and offering preventive solutions. CariFree products offer viable solutions for both, as an adjunctive product for gum disease treatment as well as caries prevention.

What has been your biggest patient success with the product?

Our patients are healthier with reduced rate of decay as well as less bleeding and inflammation noted during their recare appointments. Patients also report less bleeding during their home care routines.

What advice would you give a practice that is considering using CariFree in their office?

CariFree products have offered our team and patients an effective means to reduce both dental decay and gum disease. CariFree is an ideal product to assist your patients in achieving overall wellness. We understand the implications oral disease has on the body. Partnering with patients to optimize their health is a fulfilling and meaningful way to serve your patients. Healthy patients grow healthy practices.

When introducing the products to your patients, what are the most important points about the products you explain to them?

We explain to our patients the qualities we look for in products we recommend. We search for products that are minimally acidic and minimally abrasive, efficacious and cost effective. Carefree products are also our preferred home care products, so we are not just recommending them to patients but we are using them ourselves.

What is your favorite CariFree product and why?

It is a tie between the Treatment Rinse and PRO Gel 5000. The Treatment Rinse is the most effective product we have ever recommended to help our patients reduce bacterial contaminants that lead to increased inflammation, disease progression and decay formation. The Gel is phenomenal. If you want that ‘just left the dentist clean feeling’, the PRO Gel 5000 delivers.

Do you have any tips on successfully implementing the products into a practice?

As providers we must understand our patient’s health goals. We must first ask and listen to understand if disease prevention and treatment are the patient’s goals. Before we introduce any product or provide treatment it is important for us to help our patients make the connection between what they reported on their dental and health histories as well as their home care to our clinical findings and their oral condition. Once patients understand what is happening with their mouth and body, they are open to discovering solutions together.  Implementing an effective and efficient home care routine is part of that solution and there is no better product line than CariFree to assist our patients in meeting their oral health goals.

What is the biggest challenge for your office and your patients with the products? And how do you overcome any objections from patients?

The treatment rinse is as the name suggests, a treatment. And with all treatment, sometimes there is a less than pleasing flavor profile. We encourage our patients to understand that it’s like taking a medication as a kid, the pink stuff no one enjoyed, you didn’t just love it, but you knew it did your body good. We prepare our patients, have them sample the product in office as part of our protocol and set the expectation that the flavor is akin to minty pool water.

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