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Delta Dental of Arkansas Introduces Virtual Dentist Visits

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Delta Dental of Arkansas has launched a new partnership with TeleDentistry.com to offer its members 24/7 access to virtual dental visits at https://teledentistry.com/delta-dental-arkansas. The service is offered as a covered insurance benefit to most members. They can access safe and immediate high-quality dental consultations with their smartphone, tablet or computer with audio/visual capabilities. Virtual visits don’t replace routine preventive care checkups with a dentist but deliver expert guidance, prescriptions and referrals to a Delta Dental network dentist if and when needed.

Delta Dental of Arkansas Virtual Visits Overview

“TeleDentistry.com fills an urgent need for dental care for oral health emergencies that happen after hours or away from home or for people who don’t have an established dentist,” said Thomas Redd, DDS, VP of professional relations at Delta Dental of Arkansas. “Virtual visits with a dental professional through TeleDentistry.com can give our members peace of mind and a low-cost alternative to expensive trips to the emergency room.”

Through TeleDentistry.com, Delta Dental network dentists can provide virtual consultations and write prescriptions when appropriate. They can also offer a referral to a Delta Dental network dentist if additional treatment is needed.

TeleDentistry.com services are a covered insurance benefit for most Delta Dental of Arkansas members. Members should contact Delta Dental of Arkansasto verify coverage through their group plan. A Virtual Visit is counted as a problem-focused, limited examination and counts as a regular preventive oral exam.

Members can use Virtual Visits provided through TeleDentistry.com for dental issues that arise after hours, on weekends, holidays or out-of-town trips or when they don’t have an established dentist.

“TeleDentistry.com is dedicated to improving access to dental care,” said Dr. Vilas Sastry, CEO of TeleDentistry.com. “We are proud to partner with Delta Dental of Arkansas to help support their members with a virtual dentist anytime, anywhere.”

More information about Virtual Visits through TeleDentistry.com may be found at https://teledentistry.com/delta-dental-arkansas.

About Delta Dental of Arkansas

Delta Dental is the largest dental benefits provider in the state, helping more than 800,000 Arkansans keep their smiles healthy through commercial and Medicaid coverage. As a not-for-profit company, Delta Dental is committed to improving the oral health of Arkansans through the philanthropic efforts of its Foundation, which donated more than $3 million to support oral health education initiatives in the last three years.

For more information, visit https://www.deltadentalar.com/.

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