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Dental Lifeline Network Encourages Dentists to Live Their Why

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Live your ‘Why’ and let’s do good together.

Since 2020, staffing challenges and the rapid retirement and sale of dental practices have altered the landscape of the dental community. Nevertheless, the demand for donated comprehensive dental care in our communities is greater than ever. Many Americans who once received Medicaid are no longer eligible for benefits and are struggling to cover their basic necessities. Dental Lifeline Network, a nonprofit organization, provides comprehensive dental care to adults with special needs across the US. Through a volunteer network of 12,718 dentists and 3,247 laboratories, DLN develops and coordinates direct-service charity programs resulting in life-changing treatment.

More than 8,000 people with disabilities, in need of life-saving care, and veterans are waiting for dental care. Additional volunteer dentists and labs are needed to care for these underserved populations.

We understand that a dentist’s time is valuable, yet we also recognize the profound impact they can have on their community. That’s why we’ve made it incredibly easy for compassionate dental professionals to give back to those in desperate need of oral care.

Why I Dental

Dentists across the country are sharing ‘Why I Dental’ in the hopes of encouraging their colleagues to join them in volunteering for DLN.

“I volunteer for DLN because it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling like I had in dental school,” said Dr. Tom J. Sniscak, DLN board member and volunteer. “When we were just treating human beings and not trying to run the business of a practice and trying to make people healthier through oral care.”

Live Your Why

When you volunteer with Dental Lifeline Network, you help people like John, a retired Army veteran who lives with several disabilities. John’s dental health was another challenge—his oral health had severely deteriorated. He was missing many teeth and those remaining were loose. He was in pain, and his physician urged him to address his dental problems. Thankfully, a team of volunteers came to John’s aid. This caring team provided thousands in donated treatment that restored his dental health!

With DLN, making a difference is easy. Their volunteer-donated treatment program offers turnkey solutions, from prescreening and scheduling patients at your convenience to managing coordination of care seamlessly.

Live your ‘Why’ and let’s do good together.

For more information, visit https://dentallifeline.org/volunteers/why-i-dental/.

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