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DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina Software Introduced by exocad

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exocad announced the release of DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina, the latest version of its globally renowned CAD software for labs and full-service clinics. With more than 60 new features created to optimally fulfill customers’ requirements, the software release offers new and improved workflows—from treatment planning to design and manufacturing.

exocad names its releases after current EU “European Capitals of Culture” and has chosen the Greek city of Elefsina for this year’s release. (Source: exocad)

“DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina delivers the exciting functionalities dental experts have been waiting for,” said Tillmann Steinbrecher, CEO of exocad. “The new release offers more automation, speed, and intuitive workflows from CAD to CAM.”

New Features, More Automation, and Seamless Integration

DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina introduces numerous time-saving features. The new Preparation Margin Repair tool allows users to optimize imperfect intraoral scans, fixing margins to achieve acceptable results despite artifacts or holes in the scan. The new Auto-Articulator provides fully automatic consideration of dynamic occlusion. The release also includes seamless integration with compact milling machines, allowing users to choose their preferred block and initiate production directly from their CAD software. Users can switch tooth libraries while retaining their previous setup.

Elevated Smile Creator for Better Visualization and Pre-operative Treatment Planning

The Smile Creator module incorporates new tools for enhanced predictability and planning. Users can now design virtual gingiva for more realistic outcomes and create smiles based on patients’ natural teeth. The ability to adjust 3D rendering to the camera’s focal length enables a more precise, photo-driven smile design.

Improved Bite Splint Module and Full Denture Module

The Bite Splint Module in DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina offers increased automation in bite splint design, saving design time. The Full Denture Module includes a feature for rapidly copying an existing denture in a highly automated workflow. This provides a faster and more cost-effective alternative to relining, leveraging recent advances in 3D printing. Additionally, dentures on ball attachments are now supported. An add-on module for the Ivoclar Ivotion Denture System, along with a dedicated tooth library from Ivoclar, is now available.

iTero-exocad Connector Redefines Seamless Workflows

Enhancing collaboration between labs and doctors, clinicians can now share external case-related files like images, videos, and X-rays with exocad DentalCAD users through the MyiTero portal. The new bi-directional case communication allows DentalCAD users to share their 3D designs with the doctor for an efficient preview-and-approval process. Within the CAD software, lab users can validate margins with iTero intraoral camera images and visualize internal tooth structure with iTero NIRI (Near Infra-Red Imagery) technology.

Other Major Highlights of DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina Release Include:

  • Design post and core restorations for a crown matching the core in the same step (beta)
  • New Virtual Articulator support for Gamma Dental Reference SL, Kavo PROTARevo 5B, plus an anatomical “in-skull” articulator visualization
  • An easier and more efficient process for titanium bases supporting variable screw channel angulation

exocad will conduct hands-on demonstrations of the new DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina release at various upcoming dental exhibitions and at Insights 2024, the company’s global event scheduled for May 9-10, 2024, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The two-day event will offer numerous opportunities for attendees to explore the latest Elefsina features from dental industry leaders and application specialists. More information is available at exocad.com/insights2024.

DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina is an integral part of the Align Digital Platform, Align’s integrated suite of unique, proprietary technologies, and services delivered as a seamless, end-to-end solution for patients, consumers, orthodontists, GP dentists, and lab partners.

The release is now available in the EU and other select markets. Exocad names its releases after current EU “European Capitals of Culture” and has chosen the Greek city of Elefsina for this year’s release.

Additional information is available at https://exoc.ad/elefsina.

About exocad

exocad GmbH, an Align Technology, Inc. company, is a leading dental CAD/CAM software provider. exocad vigorously pushes the boundaries of digital dentistry, providing flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use CAD/CAM software for dental labs and dental practices worldwide.

More than 55,000 valued customers plan implants and create functional and refined restorations with exocad’s DentalCAD, ChairsideCAD and exoplan software. exocad and DentalCAD, among others, are trademarks of exocad GmbH or one of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies and are registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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