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DIA Announces Fifth Strategic Investment in Odne

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Dental Innovation Alliance (DIA), an investment firm dedicated to fostering innovation within the dental and health sectors, is pleased to announce its latest investment in Odne (previously known as Lumendo), a Swiss company revolutionizing root canal treatment. Odne’s innovative root preservation therapy reduces the reliance on bleach and allows for greater treatment speed in endodontic therapy. The minimally invasive approach prioritizes both patient safety and comfort, while aiming to preserve tooth structures and ensure long-term treatment outcomes.

Root canal treatments have long posed challenges for dentists, with traditionally low success rates ranging from 46% to 91%. With over 60 million annual treatments worldwide, these failures result in significant healthcare costs. Odne’s technology platform addresses these issues by offering treatment options for both, dentists and their patients. Its products, slated for launch in 2024, tackle problems such as the obturation in complex morphologies.

DIA recognizes the significance of Odne’s commitment to advancing dental technology while prioritizing patient well-being. The bleach-free and faster solution aligns with DIA’s dedication to scaling technologies that promote safer and more efficient practices within the dental industry. Several Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) affiliated with DIA are poised to be early adopters of Odne’s latest product, which has FDA approval and is set to launch in Q1 2024.

“DIA is on a continuous global pursuit to identify and invest in the most innovative and exciting tech companies in the dental sector. Odne’s progress to date has been impressive, and we are enthusiastic about partnering with them to help facilitate their U.S. launch,” said Thomas Sharpe, co-founder and managing partner of DIA.

“We are thrilled to access DIA’s network. I’m confident that their collective knowledge and expertise will uniquely help our company expand launch in the United States. DIA is committed to supporting innovation that leads to improved practice efficiencies and better clinical results helping providers and patients. At Odne, we develop products that do exactly that. We are honored that Odne is the DIA’s latest investment,” adds Andreas Schmocker, PhD, CEO, and co-founder of Odne.

DIA looks forward to a successful collaboration with Odne and anticipates the positive impact this partnership will have on DIA’s mission of accelerating dental technology innovations for the betterment of all stakeholders.

About DIA

Dental Innovation Alliance (DIA) is a close group of dental industry executives that funds, advises and propels the success of early-stage companies building the future of dentistry through technology. Its investor base includes executives and experts from some of the largest and most innovative dental support organizations and other dental businesses.

DIA has offices in New York, Nashville, and Research Triangle Park, NC.

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