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Existing and Prospective ABELDent Customers

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I want to share some important messages with the many thousands of dental professionals using, and others contemplating using, ABELDent. We periodically share important information about our products and services with the dental community. To ensure that you receive regular updates, please go to ABELDent.com/OH and enter your current email address.

ABELDent Cloud and ABELDent Local+

Several years ago, we introduced two new products, ABELDent Cloud and ABELDent Local+. ABELDent Cloud stores your data on Microsoft Azure, the most secure cloud platform. ABELDent Local+ stores your data on a server in your practice. Both have the same features and user experience. They are now mature mainstream products and use modern technology to allow us to rapidly add new features.

Start with either and change to the other with no learning curve or data loss. The choice of platforms can help a multi-location practice where the best solution differs from one location to another based on the availability of high-speed internet or user preferences.

If you are currently using the Local 14.8.2 or an earlier ABELDent version, we encourage you to look at our latest solutions. We have a free version (ABELDent Freemium) for those who wish to preview our new software. Please do not download ABELDent Freemium on a computer running a working ABELDent to avoid any potential problems with data or performance!

Recent ABELDent Features

Some new features recently added to ABELDent Cloud and ABELDent Local+ include new patient self-booking, custom online forms, online payments and automated overdue hygiene appointment messaging. For more details, click here. 

Innovation Insider

With many new and upcoming capabilities in ABELDent, we are looking for Innovation Insiders. An Innovation Insider is an ABELDent user interested in helping to guide the design or direction of ABELDent. For more information, visit the Innovation Insider page.

Practice-enhancing Services

ABELDent offers optional practice-enhancing services that provide the best integrated and most cost-effective experience to ABELDent users. These services include the ABELDent Patient Communication System, Reporting and Analytics, Remote Backup and Recovery and Reputation Management. In addition, they minimize your risk by not exposing your ABELDent data to third parties. To learn more about these services, please click here.

ABELDent Mastery LMS

ABELDent Mastery LMS (Learning Management System) has online self-learning courses available 24/7/365 to help you get the most out of ABELDent. Learn role-specific content at your own pace, track your progress and remain up to date as ABELDent changes. Practice owners can view the progress of everyone in the practice.

Keeping ABELDent Up to Date

The most current ABELDent versions (Local 14.8.2, Cloud, and Local+) include automatic update capabilities. You will automatically receive new features and protective updates to enhance your practice and to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. Auto-updates allow the installation of updates without technical assistance.

Whatever your interest is in dentistry, ABELDent can help you grow and prosper. To find out how our solutions can work for you, please visit ABELDent.com/OH or call us at 1-800-267-ABEL (2235) Ext.1. We look forward to working together to maximize your practice success for many more years to come!


Thank you.

Bina Rele, VP



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