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Fort Bend Dental Announces its Acquisition of Aliana Family Dental – Dentistry Today

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Fort Bend Dental, a pioneer in modern dentistry renowned for its commitment to exceptional patient care, is excited to announce its recent acquisition and rebranding of Aliana Family Dental to Fort Bend Dental Aliana. Situated at 16647 West Airport Blvd in Sugar Land, TX, this strategic move marks a significant milestone in Fort Bend Dental’s mission to provide top-tier dental services to the entire Fort Bend community.

Fort Bend Dental

The addition of Fort Bend Dental Aliana to the Fort Bend Dental network underscores the practice’s unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding dental care. With this acquisition, Fort Bend Dental extends its warm welcome to the patients of Aliana Family Dental, embracing them into a family-oriented environment focused on building enduring relationships.

“Since taking over Aliana Family Dental in 2019, our mission has guided every decision we make, big or small,” said Dr. Vinny Baratta. “Now, I’m proud to announce our partnership with Fort Bend Dental, a like-minded organization committed to patient care since 1987. Together, we aim to enhance the patient experience with easier access to specialists, streamlined processes, and advanced technology. Despite this change, our dedicated team and core values of quality and transparency remain unchanged. I will continue as the sole dentist at Fort Bend Dental Aliana, ensuring continuity and excellence in care. Thank you for your trust and support, and I’m excited for the future of our practice!”

At the heart of Fort Bend Dental’s ethos lies a dedication to excellence in dentistry, driven by a team of experienced professionals who prioritize patient well-being above all else. The practice’s newest location will uphold these principles, ensuring continuity of care and access to cutting-edge treatments for patients of all ages.

With a reputation for personalized treatment plans tailored to individual needs and goals, Fort Bend Dental distinguishes itself as a leader in general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. From routine check-ups to advanced procedures, patients can expect the same exceptional level of care that has earned Fort Bend Dental widespread acclaim.

“Our commitment to delivering unparalleled patient care remains steadfast as we embark on this new chapter,” affirmed Dr. Vinny Baratta. “We look forward to continuing to serve Aliana and the Sugar Land community and beyond with integrity, compassion, and excellence.”

About Fort Bend Dental

Fort Bend Dental is synonymous with excellence in comprehensive dentistry, offering a range of services including periodontal disease treatment, endodontics, and orthodontics. With locations in Missouri City, Aliana, Sugar Land, Richmond, and Rosenberg, TX, the practice provides convenient access to superior dental care across Fort Bend County. For appointments and inquiries, please contact Fort Bend Dental at (281) 336-9899 or visit http://www.ftbenddental.com.

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